The Interview (2014) Review


Dave Skylark is the host of a celebrity tabloid talk show which is not considered to be real news worthy. But will things change when producer Aaron Rapoport strikes a deal for Skylark to interview his superfan North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

To be brutally honest I never actually fancied this film, didn’t bother with it on its cinema release but I guess it was interesting to know that it had been banned (always something that helps raise a films profile). I also seem to have a soft spot for Seth Rogan as well . . . So it turned out that I liked it a lot more than expected. A perfect Saturday afternoon film to just laugh along with and cringe at times.

As Dave and Aaron get ready to head to North Korea to take part in the interview they are recruited by the CIA. To actually put this into perspective Dave is not the brightest of men and really does not think before he speaks therefore mixing him with the CIA is not a good thing at all. He has no real idea how to behave and does not actually listen properly to the plan, this does however create plenty of funny moments.

I will admit that the format of the film was different to what I expected as did not expect Dave and Kim Jong-un to become so close and good friends. I must mention Katy Perry and Firework, like seriously that really was a hilarious scene. The thing with Rogan and Franco is that they do work very well and compliment each other in which ever film they appear in. Something that you cannot really fault them for, stick to what you can do best.

I can understand why North Korea would not be happy at all with this film as it really goes for it in claiming that the country is everything everyone thinks it is in the end. A fake shop and places cannot fool them for very long. The mission for the CIA was always going to be a lot more difficult that it first seemed and this leads to a very funny tiger scene. As also with a Rogan/Franco combination you cannot be easily offended and must be open about sex (and references).

I picked a very good time to watch this film and if you are into the comedy genre you really should give it a try. Honestly how and why has Rogan become a guilty pleasure of mine? I just don’t even understand when that happened. Sometimes the films you aren’t really too bothered about watching turn into a pretty good experience and for a comedy film with recent jokes and moments this was very good example of how I can be wrong about a film. If you regularly read my blog though you will know I really struggle to get into the comedy genre, maybe sometimes I just need something to laugh at and not be massively serious?

10 thoughts on “The Interview (2014) Review

  1. Didn’t like this one very much unfortunately :/. I actually liked Rogen more than usual but James Franco pissed me off waaaay too much and I already don’t like him much lol. I did like how it kinda got all Kill Bill-ish towards the end though when everything just started exploding into blood haha!

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