45 Years (2015) Review


A married couple approaching their 45th Wedding anniversary are to be tested when something from the past may just change well everything.

This is a very difficult film. I don’t mean that in a nasty way but when watching it you cannot help but feel that you are violating two peoples lives, that has to be a compliment of course as I mean it in the best possible way. It feels real, it does not actually feel like a film. It feels like Kate and Geoff are real life people and we have somehow got a camera watching them. I do realise that might seem a strange thing to say and surely a lot of films should feel like that? Well they don’t but they don’t have this type of story.

The thing is though we never really get a full story we have bits and parts given to us as different times and must therefore put the pieces together. The old couple who have almost been married for 45 years well we follow them in the week leading up to a party they are having to celebrate it. Apparently something happened when they reached the 40th year so postponed it. A problem though when a woman from Geoff’s past is suddenly brought back up out of nowhere that her body was discovered.

This absolutely knocks Kate and she can no longer look at her husband in the same way. Something from so long ago now has raised such doubts in her mind about who this woman really was to him, yes she had heard about her but the way in which he reacts to the news was very disheartening. We were then taken on a journey with Kate an incredible performance from Charlotte Rampling I must add, as she suffers in silence with the pain this news has caused her.

I was expecting her to confide in her closest friend but that does not happen, so she really must deal with this all herself. Especially when it seems as though Geoff is ready and willing to head to Switzerland to see the body, he was this woman’s next of kin after all but was he in fact married to her? We don’t get a lot of answers and what Geoff says we are unsure whether to believe him or not.

I think the fact that they did not have children made it even more sad as Kate even mentions this at one point and you can hear the regret she has about photographs and not having many around the house. I will admit that this film made me feel very sad watching  it. The pain you can cause to someone you have known for that long really is so depressing, when you think you know just everything about that one person and they can still rip your heart out.

As we travel though the week we are left wondering if the party will actually go ahead and will Kate be able to keep her brave front. Something that I will not spoil and let you decide if you get to see this film. I don’t even remember if it reached my local cinema back in August. But don’t forget as a warning that it is truly a depressing watch! Good performances but very very tough to take. Not really a very good advert for wanting to have a long marriage in all honesty.

8 thoughts on “45 Years (2015) Review

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