Zoolander (2001) Review


A dimwitted male model Derek Zoolander who’s career seems to be over after losing his model of the year title to Hansel, is brainwashed into killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This is one of those films that I very vaguely remember watching years and years ago and didn’t really have many fond memories in all honesty. But with a sequel coming out next month and that this is on UK Netflix at the moment I thought I would give it another chance.

The film is very Ben Stiller, leading man, directed and also co-wrote it all. But let’s face it in the late 90’s and early 00’s he was very hot stuff in terms of the films he was appearing in. I will admit that I do enjoy what he does (most of the time) and think he is very good at that type of role and style.

Zoolander is pretty crazy in all honesty really poking fun at the modelling world and in particular male models, with plenty of jokes around how people perceive them. Obviously not in a very good or even nice way at all. So Derek has therefore been made to be as thick as everyone assumes those models are. With Hansen not actually much better in all honesty.

Will Ferrell is absolutely crazy as Mugatu I mean honestly just look at his hair alone and that is enough to make you laugh out loud. Mugatu is a fashion designer who seems to have a very strange past. Considering he currently wants the Prime Minster of Malaysia killed due to protests about the child labour for making his clothing range. I mean come on that’s the main storyline.

Will this is not my favourite genre when it comes to film I did appreciate some of the jokes and thought it was a little funny at times. But I think I feel it more stupid and silly than anything else. Maybe sometimes we just have to watch something that is totally meaningless and just chills you out? You certainly don’t need to think when watching this one.

Something that saves it a little has to be the reporter Matilda Jefferies who offers some normal behaviour and actually manages to work certain things out which really help the rather well pathetic models. I guess we have to look at them that way as they will do anything someone times them. Have to laugh at the walk off though especially when David Bowie decides to judge it all. It isn’t short of celebrity cameos from start to finish trying to really create this exclusive world.

Stiller is surprisingly good with the character and his “legendary” pose which he made a career out of. One of the best scenes though does have to be when he decides to go home and attempts to work with his father and brothers in the coal mine. As you can really see he is not fit to be in that environment. It does take you on a journey with Derek and you cannot help but like him.

The ending was a bit crazy but that certainly did fit with the whole film. Are you a fan of Zoolander?

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