Conversations with Other Women (2005) Review


A man and woman begin flirting with each other at a wedding, but is everything as it seems with the sexual tension that is so obvious between them?

This was the second time I had watched the full film I think I had a random attempt in the middle. For some reason I did not review it the first time round so thought I would watch it again, doesn’t have a very long running time and the performances were very impressive. So I decided to watch it again and it really is something to make you think and wonder if you would like a similar experience in your life and if you would make the same choices as the characters in this film.

It goes for a very artistic and different approach by having the film with a split screen at times mainly based on the man and woman and sometimes the shots overlap. If they are slightly facing a different way, it is also used to show some flashback scenes as well. It takes a little bit of getting used to when you first start watching but at times really gives you a more intense look at how they react to words from the other. Something we don’t always get in films with one character usually being the focus of attention.

That sets it different to other films straight away, it could have easily become a gimmick but I think it adds depth to each of the characters who we get to know so much more due to it. We don’t even get names for them either, which is strange as you don’t really notice too much.

The man and woman seriously flirt with one another from the wedding and it becomes clear that they actually have a history together. We aren’t though told for how long though I guess that is something we can just guess. But strange that he did not know that she had moved to London, that makes us assume that it ended very badly between the pair. Something that has not disappeared though has to be the passion and tension between them.

The tension really does lead to a pretty incredible sex scene due to the fact that she is now married and he has a younger girlfriend. Contemplating if it is worth the guilt, before they have even done anything. It was certain what was going to happen even from the moment in the bar at the wedding. But the conversation, jealously and build up really do it make it so engaging.

She seems to be very concerned about her husband and does keep mentioning him, maybe not so much to put the man off but to try and remind herself to be faithful? On the other hand the man does not care at all about Sarah the dancer his 23 year old girlfriend, something that the woman constantly reminds him so she is certainly showing she is jealous as well. As much as she tries to resist it and him, that was never going to really last very long.

Eckhart and Bonham Carter really do have great chemistry and bounce all of the different lines very well off one another from start to finish. It is believable that they used to be together and cannot still resist each other. Even if she is not backing down to his charms at times. The ending is quite strange really but could have endless possibilities had the pair been married in the past? Were they actually married now and playing a game? Or was it just a chance meeting of young lovers? I guess all of that is possible.

Does this film show that sometimes it is not actually possible to stay faithful to the person your currently with if someone from your past suddenly reappears with a chance of one more night risk free, no chance of anyone finding out?

I’m guessing this is a film that has not been very widely watched, so if you have Netflix UK I want you to give it a watch so you can discuss it further!

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