The 5th Wave (2016) Review


An invasion of earth from aliens known as the Others sees four deadly waves with a fifth to come to wipe out the human race.

I probably should have actually found out a little bit more about this film before actually going to see it, not that I guess it really made much difference as at least the plot does sound quite interesting. It sounds different to what we have seen before when it comes to alien invasion films, but parts of it then turn out to be very disappointing.

The film starts about half way through the actual story so we are shown the first three waves in flashback form with a voiceover from our leading character Cassie. Explaining how her life has been pretty much taken and world turned upside down, as she battles to be reunited with her brother who was taken away by the army.

The main problem with the film has to be that it just has too many small parts which don’t successfully then fit together to make a good story. It tries to keep you guessing throughout but I found that I easily guessed what the twist was going to be and had doubts over something else which was also a smaller twist.

It’s a shame as it did have the potential to be a good film with the way the story was going, but adding in the romance which again was way too obvious from that first moment. I think it tried too hard to be something special that it got all mixed up in the process. I have to also mention how Cassie some how managed to keep up to date with her make up, I mean at one point dirty face as she trekked through the woods and next scene full make up come on don’t do that to us.

We also don’t get to see any cool aliens or what they even might look like considering they can just host a human body, which is very disappointing as that’s always something good about this type of film. Oh well, I can understand why they would want to go for the using the human’s body root though to have an added fear for everything.

I therefore will not be recommending that you quickly rush to the cinema to see this one as I would feel bad that you also wasted time watching it. Especially with the way the film ended as well, I hope that is not a set up for a second film as we don’t want another one to be completely honest.

It doesn’t really give us engaging characters to want to see survive either which I think is probably another reason I didn’t really like the film. I just wasn’t bothered by what happened to Cassie, something that was certainly a necessity for the film to really work and keep you engaged.

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