Why I’m Pleased Brooklyn is Nominated for Best Picture!

As we are all very aware the Oscar Nominations for 2016 were announced a few days ago. This year will see eight films battle it out for Best Picture, with The Revenant being the current favourite to win the award. At this current moment in time I have only seen half of them.  But plan to see Room in the next week and then Spotlight and The Big Short when they are released in the UK in next few weeks. I will have to buy Mad Max: Fury Road to catch up with that one!

The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
The Revenant

The film I am most pleased to see as one of the eight has to be Brooklyn as that film really did consume me and blow me away last year when it was released. I thought the performances were fantastic and the story was pretty heartbreaking at times but also very refreshing, I don’t really remember watching many films that tackle the loneliness of moving away from home and struggling to deal with that.

The funniest thing with me saying all of this was that I have never been a big fan of Saoirse Ronan, I have always found her to be a little be strange and characters that don’t feel anywhere near a real person. I pretty much have always criticised her performances and therefore not really enjoyed the films she has taken a lead or supporting role in. That has been changed with Brooklyn, she was perfect in the role and managed to balance the good range of emotions into the character she was playing. Rightly getting her a nomination as well for Actress in a Leading role.

It really does offer so many fantastic moments and I found myself lost in the film, I have a feeling though that it ended up being a film that was not widely watched compared to its other nominees. So I guess I am using this blog post to encourage you to catch up with this one and make sure you see it before the Oscars at the end of February as it really is worth it.



16 thoughts on “Why I’m Pleased Brooklyn is Nominated for Best Picture!

  1. Brooklyn is definitely my favourite amongst the Oscar nominees (so far). I think it has done pretty well at the UK box office, taking over £5 million. I have seen all the leading actress films and for me Saoirse Ronan is by far the best. Hope she wins!

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