Rocky II (1979) Review

Rocky struggles going back to his normal life after his shot a the title, marrying Adrienne and having a baby on the way he is doing all he can to make some money. Apollo Creed is struggling with the hate mail from people saying he didn’t actually win, leading to a re-match.

We see Rocky crashing back down to earth after his title shot against Creed. Trying in different ways to get a new job in order to look after Adrienne and keep up payments for his house. The problem is the only thing he has ever been good at is fighting, but he was advised not to fight anymore after his previous bout with Creed messed up his eye.

I really do think Stallone is just fantastic as Rocky and he brings on the charm in parts of this film to really make you love him that little bit more. I think that has to be a massive compliment to the power of his performance as this character he created and must love just as much as we do.

Creed is the one really pushing for the re-match due to his fans and people really turning on him to fight Rocky again. There’s such a difference in the crowd when they eventually step back into the ring. I think that creates an amazing atmosphere in the film showing that we are really supposed to be behind Rocky and want him to succeed.

While not a lot happens in this film it does a great job in more character building of the main players and shows how much they are growing, work together and really this one leaves us wanting more. Obviously watching them now we know that we have so many more films to get even more into the series.

By the end of this one as well we have more respect for Creed and that is a very big thing for the next film really, we see that he understands the fight more brought from Rocky and even shows him more respect than last time by how he actually prepares for the fight.

It’s not all happiness in this one though I personally find the scene where Rocky sells Paulie his car heartbreaking. Really showing that he is desperate for money, even though he will not take a handout of being loaned money. He is a strong character and hates having to admit defeat with anything.

The relationship between Rocky and Adrienne is another thing that grows lovely in front of us, come on how sweet was his proposal at the zoo and inviting the tiger to the wedding. I seriously think Rocky is one of my all time favourite film characters.

Rocky II is a good follow from Rocky and a nice building block heading into Rocky III something that doesn’t seem to happen as much in film series’ now. Maybe they should take a look back at this one and see how to do them better!



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