Galaxy Quest (1999) Review


The alumni cast of a space tv series spend the majority of their time at conventions for fans, doing talks and signing autographs. But everything is about to take a turn for real when some aliens think they really are those characters.

With the sad passing of Alan Rickman a few days ago I saw a lot of talk about this film (I had never seen it) but checking Sky Movies On Demand section it was available to download and watch, so after my dad said he really liked this film I just then had to catch up and appreciate the performance from the great man. I really love that this film shows he had so much in his locker.

Tim Allen is perfect for the more leading role as the Commander of the ship who is totally ahead of himself and doesn’t really get on with the other cast members due to thinking he is better than them all. Taking all of the “fame” and spotlight seriously from the die hard fans of the show who come to the conventions.

Parts of the film are probably a little bit lost on me as I have never watched Star Trek and I do believe that this film is a direct sort of rip off of that series. With all of the love surrounding it, it is a good comedy with so many different moments that will make you laugh. A good balance between visual comedy and lines delivered at the correct time. I mean come on the cast of a space series then actually having to really live out some of the show and fight real aliens!

I mean how can we not find the aliens in human form talking and walking around in such an amusing way to be hilarious? Honesty I kept laughing when they weren’t even doing very much. I think this film does show how this type of tongue in cheek film really can work, but I think it needs a very strong cast of well known names to pull it off.

Some of the most amusing parts happen quite early on as we see fans who are way too into the series and know every single little thing about it. Way over the top and so far into it pretty much thinking it is real. We know that these people are out there haha! I’d love to head to a comic con event to see how close this film gets to that setting and the people who attend. I mean I know I am very much a geek over different things but don’t think I’m anywhere near that level.

Rickman is certainly entertaining claiming he used to be a proper stage actor, brilliant especially as we don’t see him without his costume on! Sigourney Weaver certainly adds to it as well and puts in a great performance to match up with the rest of the cast. Enrico Colantoni certainly made me laugh the most though as the leader of the alien group honestly he was just hilarious from the first moment we saw him to the end.

This is something this film certainly has a brilliant cast I am pretty sure we would have loved to see some of them collaborate in a serious film and it would have been good in many different ways.

7 thoughts on “Galaxy Quest (1999) Review

  1. I just watched this too! Except unlike you I’ve seen it probably close to a dozen times. This movie is so well cast with such a well written script. Galaxy Quest is a very underrated film.

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