RIP Alan Rickman <3

I don’t even know where to start with this post expect that I have been felt very sad since hearing the news of the great Alan Rickman’s passing just after lunch time today. I mean I could not quite believe it twice in the space of a few days a truly legendary figure leaving us and finding out via Twitter. It really is such awful news, the very well-respected and loved actor of not just film but stage as well. An actor I have loved from a young age as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and then coming across him in so many more wonderful roles. Must mention his turn as Snape in the Harry Potter series as come on he is one of the best characters, as well as Love Actually a different type of role again and Die Hard. Those are the films I immediately think of when the name Alan Rickman is mentioned but I know he had so many more great roles as well, the voice!

He really did seem to just love his part in the Harry Potter series which I am sure ended up in the direction J K Rowling took it because of his performances in the films, because remember it was still going on book wise when the films started coming out. Something that is pretty incredible and let’s not forget Alan was quoted with the following (which seems utterly depressing right now) . . .

It’s strange though isn’t it feeling so sad about someone dying who you have never actually met? It just shows the true power of film and performances when you feel like you have lost a friend. But I guess if you have watched so many of the films and interviews etc you feel like you know this person or at least the person they have created. I hope this actually makes sense but he has had such an incredible impact on so many people’s lives over the years and he will never be forgotten. He will forever live in those films and we can watch them when we want. The range of his acting was incredible and I will certainly be paying my respects by re-watching and catching up with as many of his films as possible.

My thoughts go out to all of his family and friends at this truly sad time.

16 thoughts on “RIP Alan Rickman <3

    • Me too, I still cannot quite believe it. What an awful week! Oh yes to hear his voice in that film. I have just checked and we have another film which is in with Helen Mirren to look forward to.

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  1. Another sad day on the passing of a truly brilliant actor. He will be remembered for his many great roles in the cinema and theatre. One of his films which I must watch again is the sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest.

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  2. He’s someone I’ve been watching in films for literally as long as I can remember, and then throughout my life, so it’s very strange and sad he’s gone, and so young for these days.

    re: Galaxy Quest, it’s probably funniest if you know your Star Trek, but brilliant even if you don’t — and Rickman’s the best thing in it (as usual!)

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