RIP David Bowie: A Tribute

With the unexpected news this morning that we have lost a legend in David Bowie, I really felt that I needed to do a small tribute to the incredible man, musician, song writer and actor. He really was something else, in a different mould to everyone else and a persona we will never ever see again. He was unique. I went though a Glam Rock phase as a teenager and of course Bowie was very much part of that, I also have to say that my dad played a huge part in that as he is such a big Bowie fan.

It also seems fitting with how many of his songs have been used in films as well as his many acting appearances as well, I always remember him in The Prestige and that was a total shock as had known idea that he was even in the film! Because of his unique style and many different types of songs he certainly has had them appear in many many films, often making them just that little bit better.

The Jean Genie is quite possible my favourite of his songs, so tricky to pick though . . .

I thought that I had to mention my favourite of his songs, although I am sure not many of them will actually come as surprises but seriously though the lyrics and his voice ❤

This one is thrown in because it does not fail to also make you laugh!

One of his final songs certainly does look like him saying goodbye, which makes it even more sad (still showing off his beautiful unique voice).

Rest in Peace David Bowie and thank you! 


5 thoughts on “RIP David Bowie: A Tribute

  1. A very fitting tribute and a good choice of songs Caz. Regrettably I never saw him live but was lucky to visit the exhibition in London at the Victoria and Albert museum a couple of years ago. It was excellent and very comprehensive and extremely popular. The exhibition is at present on tour in Europe and I wouldn’t be surprised if it returns to the UK. I hope so.
    I saw The Prestige and like you was completely surprised at his appearance. Great film too.


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