7 Reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence

After seeing Joy last week and then catching Jennifer on the Graham Norton show it inspired me to do this blog post. She comes across so cool and that she does not have a care in the world on a chat show and has already played some great characters in film! At the age of 25 she already has an Oscar win to her name for Silver Linings Playbook as well as two other nominations for Winter’s Bone and American Hustle.

1. Vocal on women receiving equal pay in Hollywood. This was something that did not go down very well but surely showed she isn’t scared of upsetting anyone and why should she be, she’s certainly one of the brightest talents and well-respected.

2. She’s an action star, Katniss and Mystique. Took on the lead role in The Hunger Games which opened her up to a totally different audience and quite possible got an even bigger audience in for the franchise as well? Not forgetting she has a very important (and good) role in the comic book movie world as well in X-Men!

3. She loves food. Always mentions that and not bothered what people say about her weight. I just think with this she sends out good messages to young girls who will be watching and listening to her.

4. Interviews. She’s very real and laughs opening at herself, really showing how well grounded and down to earth she is.

5. She’s real. This will probably get her into a lot of trouble just saying what she thinks and not being bothered at all by what she says. I mean we all remember the naked photos that ended up online!

6. She’s already won one Oscar! Which was for the incredible crazy performance she put in Silver Linings Playbook, a film I totally loved! I am sure more Oscar glory will be in her future considering that she has also been nominated two more times already not bad at all for her age.

7. And she loves falling over, even when going to collect said Oscar! She has become well know for tripping and falling over in different places, the red carpet another place. Come on all women know the struggle of walking in heels and in a long dress, it does not always end well.

Are you a fan? 

27 thoughts on “7 Reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence

  1. I’m absolutely a fan! I try to watch every film with her in the original language, because everything sounds so much better in her original voice; her power and emotion is lost in the synchronization.

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  2. I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. And I like when you say she has three Oscar nominations already, “not bad at all for her age”…that’s like the best any actor has EVER done, so yeah not bad…

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  3. She is quite a hoot in interviews! J-Law’s movies are kind of hit or miss for me. Her character in American Hustle, for instance, was annoying as all bloody hell (I joked that she could overact a fart), but I love Katniss. After some thinking, however, I love her enthusiasm. Regardless of what kind of movie she’s in, I never get the impression that she’s bored and just there for the paycheck. That’s a rare thing.

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  4. This was great! Absolutely loved this! She’s amazing!! Seriously can’t wait to see her go back to smaller films and continue to show her acting abilities, which hopefully grow as she gets older and she takes on even more challenging roles with different writers and directors. She can only do so many films with David O. Russell before everyone starts looking away and moves on to the next best thing.

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    • Your right about how many films she can do with O. Russell. I’m looking forward to see what she will do over the next few years. But I do love that she’ll do films in all different genres as well.


  5. I love how down to Earth she seems to be, there’s seems to be no ego to her and she looks like she is up for a good laugh. I really love Jennifer Lawrence, both for her personality and her talent.

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  6. I’ve yet to be disappointed with any of her work, she’s a fantastic actress and every interview she does reminds us that she’s human like the rest of us! She’s so down to earth and just says what’s on her mind, for which we all love her!

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    • So glad your feeling the love for her as well! She comes across so well I even enjoyed her in The House at the end of your Street which wasn’t fantastic but a different kinda role for her.

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  7. […] I must start by saying I am a huge fan of Lawrence and give all of her films a chance, she is something special. Joy however is not a special film or anywhere near her best performance, she does seem to be a new Academy darling. The film is a mess, don’t get me wrong Lawrence was easily the best thing about it but that was not enough to warrant this nomination in my opinion. I do love her though! […]


  8. I’m actually the reverse of JLaw’s haters. I never used to really be much of a fan but recently I’ve really started loving her for a lot of the reasons you said. My only problem with her now is that I don’t think she’s a very good Mystique. Right up there with Jeff Goldblum though for the best celebrity for interviews.

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    • Wasn’t she fantastic again on the Graham Norton show! I think she’s just great really doesn’t care what people think which is very rare with the Hollywood crowd. I understand your frustration with Mystique!

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