Top 10 – Theatre Shows in 2015

A brand new top 10 for 2015!

I thought considering how many shows I manage to see at the Theatre it would be a perfect idea to pick a top 10 from everything I have seen. This includes shows I went to see on my many trips to London as well as the touring shows we get in the North East, mainly at the Sunderland Empire and Theatre Royal in Newcastle. It really is fantastic the shows we get now direct from West End runs, I am looking forward to what the future will bring with these tours.

You can check which shows I went to see in 2015 here as well as reading my review of the whole year!

10.La traviata (Opera North, Newcastle Theatre Royal) Review

My very first Opera experience and it was certainly worthy of a place on the list, I do have to admit that I was little nervous about it as well. Luckily I knew briefly what the storyline was but to hear the live singing with those incredible voices is certainly something else. I am not saying that I am going to see every single Opera but it is something you should experience if you love the Theatre.

9. The Producers (UK Tour, Sunderland Empire) Review

A truly hilarious show from start to finish and so much better than I was expecting, as was not a big fan of the film version but on the stage it works so much better. With the catchy songs, good performances and great slapstick moments it really was worth the watch.

8. The Elephant Man (West End, Theatre Royal Haymarket) Review

Bradley Cooper’s performance in this play has really helped the show find its way onto my list, the way he acted with the deformities must have been such a tough challenge. I guess it’s good to know a Hollywood actor can do it on the stage as well. (I did also think about having Nicole Kidman up on the list for Photograph 51).

7. Love Me Tender (UK Tour, Sunderland Empire) Review

A massive treat of a show in form of a Jukebox Musical which certainly works as let’s face it Elvis really does have one of the best collections of work. With a nice little story to go with it and plenty of characters it was a very good new show for 2015, you cannot help but enjoy this type of musical and want to sing along!

6. Wicked (UK Tour, Sunderland Empire) Review

This may actually shock people that it is at number 6 on my list as it was always my favourite musical (until Gypsy came along) but maybe it was a little bit too much going to see it 3 times during its stay at the Sunderland Empire? That’s not taking anything away from it as my love for this show will remain forever.

5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (UK Tour, Sunderland Empire) Review

Two con artists trying to out con each other and the people around them, such a charming musical. It’s always quite risky when you don’t know any of the songs for a musical but that didn’t matter in the end with this one as you found yourself just enjoying it from start to finish. With plenty of hilarious moments, I certainly do seem to have ended up seeing quite a lot of comedy based shows this year.

4. Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (UK Tour, Sunderland Empire) Review

Now this is a play that I had seen only good buzz and hype around, so when it was on its tour I had to catch it! With an incredible deal for tickets on Boxing Day as well thanks to ATG Tickets it was an absolute steal for the level of performances. It was something else watching how Autism can be in someone and how people around them have to deal with it as well. Something that is important currently due to the number of children that are now on the spectrum, raising awareness through theatre can only be a good thing.

3. Geordie the Musical (Customs House, South Shields) Review

A truly magical North East experience as we are taken through so many incredible Geordie folk songs packed inside the heartwarming show. I really do hope we get to see it again soon! It made me feel so proud to be from the North East of England especially watching this in my home town theatre in South Shields.

2. Handbagged (UK Tour, Newcastle Theatre Royal) Review

Such an interesting and hilarious show all rolled into one. The best thing about this one has to be that I literally bought the ticket a week before it was due to arrive in Newcastle and I tell you what I am throughly pleased that I did! I was even tempted to head back and see it again a few days later, that’s when you know you’ve throughly enjoyed a show when you would quite happily see it again straight away.

1.  Gypsy (West End, Savoy Theatre) – Review 1Review 2

Imelda Staunton. Momma Rose. Do I really need to go on? Ok just a little bit, it is the best performance I have seen from anyone ever on stage. Her version of Rose’s Turn is truly out of this world, I had always wanted to see Gypsy live on stage and that was the reason I rushed down to see it the first time. The second time was to enjoy Imelda all over again!

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