The Last of Robin Hood (2014) Review

A film looking at the final days of actor Errol Flynn and the interesting relationship he shared with Beverly Aadland . . .

My knowledge of Errol Flynn is not very high in all honesty so anything in this film was new to me, which I therefore have no idea how close to truth it is or anything like that. So I am just going to review the film in terms of what we are presented with and told. Out of curiosity though I have just checked the box office (as wasn’t sure if it had a cinema release) and that was very low and only had a very limited release in the US. Which having seen the film is understandable as it certainly feels and looks more like a made for TV Sunday afternoon viewing. The only difference is having Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon and Dakota Fanning in the leading roles.

The thing is though the actual subject matter of the film is a little bit tricky and difficult, considering Beverly is only 15 years old when she first meets Flynn, who proceeds to getting her into bed as soon as possible. Not a very good first impression is it? Hardly, but it gets even more uncomfortable about that and pretty much says that Flynn was not bothered by the ages of the many girls he had over the years. They do try to romance it up a little bit and have that he has fallen deeply and madly in love with her?

Her mother Florence seemed to be obsessed with her becoming a star and I must mention that Beverly did have a fake birth certificate to help her work at the studios claiming she was actually 18. So all of that is a little bit more confusing and close to the edge? But it isn’t explained or put together in a very good way in the film. Which is told as Florence is telling the story to a writer, obviously in an attempt to get some money out of it all? I mean come on she knew about everything going on all along. What kinda of sane normal mother would be happy about that for her daughter, whether he was a Hollywood star or not?

I mean the acting was ok from Sarandon and Kline (who else to play a larger than life character?) but I still don’t get the fuss around Fanning as think she is too wooden and lacks any emotion, maybe she’s struggling still with the transition from child star to adult actor? I don’t know just never been her biggest fan in all honesty and this film did nothing at all to change that not even a tiny bit. An example of the type of film we seem to be getting more of on Netflix UK? Certainly not a hidden gem at all, so I won’t be recommending that you quickly go and watch this one. If you have seen it though please let me know your thoughts on it!

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