2016 Blogging Goals

This isn’t going to be anything too crazy or unachievable and something to really just remind myself to keep it all going!

  • Keep up reviewing each and every film that I see at the cinema
  • Try and break my 66 film record (set in 2015) at the cinema
  • Keep reviewing each and every show I see at the theatre
  • Be more adventurous on Netflix
  • Watch the DVDs/Blu-Ray that I still haven’t watched (and even seen the film)
  • Making lists of film related topics
  • The “life” blog posts which link to film
  • Really promote my blog in voting for 2016 UK Blog Awards (opens tomorrow)
  • Experience more old films
  • Work my way through different lists of “great” films

Anything else you would like to see me Blog about in terms of Film and/or Theatre on Let’s Go To The Movies in 2016?

28 thoughts on “2016 Blogging Goals

  1. Great goals 🙂 . I ave very similar ones myself. Definitely blog more and get into a pattern of blogging. Then go to cinema more this year as since our little one arrived it’s definitely been harder to achieve. Here’s to a great year of film for both of us! Xx

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      • Thanks 🙂

        Yeah when I was on Mat Leave I took Ava to those. Sadly there was only one Cineworld that did them and it was a bit of a journey but we did them. Now I’m back at work they’re on days I work. We’ve done okay though but this year me and the hubby want to do better 🙂 xx

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