Top 10 – Theatre Shows in 2015

A brand new top 10 for 2015!

I thought considering how many shows I manage to see at the Theatre it would be a perfect idea to pick a top 10 from everything I have seen. This includes shows I went to see on my many trips to London as well as the touring shows we get in the North East, mainly at the Sunderland Empire and Theatre Royal in Newcastle. It really is fantastic the shows we get now direct from West End runs, I am looking forward to what the future will bring with these tours.

You can check which shows I went to see in 2015 here as well as reading my review of the whole year!

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2016 Blogging Goals

This isn’t going to be anything too crazy or unachievable and something to really just remind myself to keep it all going!

  • Keep up reviewing each and every film that I see at the cinema
  • Try and break my 66 film record (set in 2015) at the cinema
  • Keep reviewing each and every show I see at the theatre
  • Be more adventurous on Netflix
  • Watch the DVDs/Blu-Ray that I still haven’t watched (and even seen the film)
  • Making lists of film related topics
  • The “life” blog posts which link to film
  • Really promote my blog in voting for 2016 UK Blog Awards (opens tomorrow)
  • Experience more old films
  • Work my way through different lists of “great” films

Anything else you would like to see me Blog about in terms of Film and/or Theatre on Let’s Go To The Movies in 2016?

Top 10 – Films I Caught Up With in 2015

I really do try to catch up with films that I have not seen before each year (and yes I still have a massive number of DVDs that have been sitting on my shelf for films I still haven’t watched yet) as I find this often to be such a good break from the films that are released at the cinema, as let’s face it certain times of year we seem to be getting the same thing over and over again and we all know March/April are awful months at the cinema. That was also why I set up the Best Picture Project in order to increase the quality of some of the films I watch. I think some of that will be clear in these 10 films I have picked that I am now pleased I have caught up with!

I always find the best thing about doing this top 10 list is that people are always shocked that I had never seen certain films up until this (or now last year).

I haven’t included any of the Bond films in the list but thought it was very appropriate to make sure that I mentioned that 2015 was the year that I officially caught up and have now seen every single Bond film! Something which was very trying and testing but I managed to complete the challenge of my Bondathon!

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