Top 10 – Worst Films of 2015

The thing with seeing a lot of films over the year is that you are bound to see quite a few bad ones as well. I have improved in this over the past few years and totally learnt certain types of films to totally avoid like you know anything with Adam Sandler in! I know when I will be looking over a lot of people’s worst films of 2015 lists I will then be reminded that I made a good choice not to see some films when they were out at the cinema. Before reading my list and commenting being shocked a certain film wasn’t picked, these HERE are the films I saw at the cinema in 2015!

Also remember that this is MY opinion and how I feel about certain films, it’s fine if you loved any of them as it’s all subjective anyway. These films were so close to being on the list, Ted 2, Minions, Pitch Perfect 2, The Age of Adaline.

Best Films of 2015

Missed Films of 2015

2015 at the Cinema

7 Films that surprised me in 2015

7 Films that disappointed me in 2015

So here we go these are my worst films of 2015 . . .

10. Fifty Shades of GreyReview

While this was not actually as bad as I expected it still deserves a place on the worst films of 2015. For a film that was supposed to be about the chemistry surrounding the leading pair it fails in that as they have zero chemistry. For something that was written after Twilight fan fiction were you really expecting the film to be groundbreaking or good? Considering it’s also supposed to be around his “playroom” it has hardly any sex scenes in really. Which is somewhat different to the book. I don’t know the more I think about it the more I think this is a very pointless film.

9. Taken 3Review

Oh hello Liam Neeson you just love being on my worst films of the year list. I know, I know I should not have gone to see this film and put myself through it. I mean I hated the first one let alone the second and now a third. But at least we got a scene where he’s carrying a giant panda teddy bear right? Well that gif above softens the blow I reckon. Surely this has to be the last one now? Although they probably do pretty well at the box office which means we keep getting another one and another one ahhh.

8. Insidious: Chapter 3Review

The quote above pretty much tells you where the young girl went wrong in the film, trying to talk to the dead and well they all answered. Well a creepy ghost type thing, whatever he actually was. From the moment she was knocked over in the street, which I found massively hilarious I knew it was going to get worse and that I would not enjoy it. The thing is though for some reason I found myself really enjoying Chapter 2, that’s why I decided to give this one a chance. I wish I hadn’t bothered as it really was not very good at all.

7. Focus Review

This might be seen as a controversial choice as I know a lot of people enjoyed this film, I just have no idea why. I thought it was boring and poorly put together with zero chemistry between Smith and Robbie. The latter I really don’t get the hype around but then again I am not male. Will Smith has made some very poor choices in terms of films in recent years and for me this was no exception. You have to care a tiny little bit about a character to enjoy a film and these were just awful characters which for me led to an awful film.

6. Maze Runner: Scorch TrialsReview

I massively enjoyed the first Maze Runner film, I thought it had so much going for it and very interesting to find out why they were all actually in the maze to begin with. The problem for this film actually started with the ending of the first as we found out things right at the end. So going into the Scorch Trials how was it going to keep the mystery and intensity going? Well to cut a long story short it doesn’t. It dragged and felt a lot longer than it actually was, with some awful performances as they trekked through the sand on what felt like a never-ending journey. Surely showing the cracks for these teen-fiction adaptions?

5. Fathers and Daughters – Review

I still have no idea how this film actually managed to get a cinematic release. Yes honestly that is just how bad it was, it looked like it could have been very heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. But certain parts of the story ensure that is not really possible. I mean in all fairness to Russell Crowe I thought he actually performed well, in what was some rather awful writing. Amanda Seyfried is not a favourite of mine anyway and this film has shown even more why I do not like her, she’s just an awful actress isn’t she!

4. Paper TownsReview

I have no idea what this film was getting at. Honestly it was not what I was expecting at all and I just did really not care if he found her or not, she was not a nice person and you just knew that it was all going to be a massive waste of time, which sums up actually watching this film a total waste of time.

3. Inherent ViceReview

If anyone can please explain this film to me that would be fantastic. I had absolutely no idea at all what I was watching from start to finish I do believe that I actually wanted to leave the cinema. What confuses me the most is I am sure this is going to end up on a lot of people’s best films of 2015!?!? So I just don’t know what I was missing as I totally hated it!

2. Knock KnockReview

I’m pretty sure this film was supposed to be a thriller/horror not a comedy right? Well it certainly ended up being on the funniest films of the year but it sure as hell wasn’t meant to be. Honestly one of the worst films you will ever see. With the awful acting from Reeves et al. The messed up scenes that are just wrong. The use of Facebook and I have to mention the acting of Keanu Reeves again, just wow so bad!

1. Pan Review

Another film about Peter Pan, this time acting as an origins story and getting a little mixed up with Harry Potter and claiming Peter to be the chosen one. Oh yes that is probably not the worst thing about the film either. Hugh Jackman massively let me down I was so excited to see his Blackbeard but it was just pathetic in all honesty, not entertaining at all. I love you Hugh why did you do it? I also have to mention the moment when Garrett Hedlund as James Hook channelling Jack Nicholson at one point, showing some abysmal acting! As for the rest it was all just as bad as that. The young boy as Peter had no screen presence whatsoever, and I really wish I had just avoided it at all cost, but you know I decided to give it a try and with that in mind it has taken top spot on my worst films for 2015 list!


What were your worst films of 2015? 

How many do we agree on? 

23 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2015

  1. I’ve just done a quiz on 2015 films and Mortdecai looked pretty woeful. %o Shades must have made a fortune. I enjoyed the first Taken but sequels were a bad idea. Inherent Vice looked an absolute mess.


    • Oh yeah heard bad things about Mortdecai luckily missed that one! I honestly have no clue what Inherent Vice was about, but I’ve also seen it on some people’s best films of 2015 lists!


  2. Yep, Inherent Vice made my top 20 this year! I couldn’t pretend to ‘explain’ it though, as I think the plot is just a means to opening up a world of character interactions, which I admit doesn’t exactly sell it very well, but I enjoyed its meandering narrative. Needless to say, more people left the cinema during that film than any other film I saw in 2015. My least favourite film in 2015 was Hot Pursuit, which I would strongly recommend no one watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now that you’ve mentioned people leaving the cinema I am pretty sure a few people did at our screening as well which didn’t actually have that many in to begin with. It’s interesting as I have seen it on both best and worst film lists of the year.

      I will make sure to avoid Hot Pursuit (I have just had to google it to find out what it was) lol.


  3. I was dissapointed with Maggie, Chappie, Taken 3, Pan which had my favourite actors in lead roles. I was majorly dissatisfied with Dakota & Jamie Dornan as they were extremely dull in Fifty shades.


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