7 Films that surprised me in 2015

Probably the best feeling is when your not really sure about going to see a film and you end up enjoying it. You find it to be a lot more insightful than you first thought and leave the cinema feeling glad that you decided to see that film that maybe didn’t have the best trailer going, or the story you thought would be predictable. I think it’s important to log which films leave you feeling like this, as when you see one you hate you can remember the element of surprise to keep you going!

7 Films that disappointed me in 2o15

Best Films of 2015

Worst Films of 2015

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2015 at the Cinema!


Everything is seen through a computer screen and plenty of different forms of social media are used. Basically to show that social media really isn’t all that great and it can massively influence what someone does. It has a very creepy edge to it probably because it feels rather real now because of everyone’s constant need for technology and using these different things. I was honestly expecting to hate this film a lot but that didn’t really happen at all and I ended up liking the concept of it all. Hopefully something to wake teenagers up on how they can still bully through a computer?

Big GameReview

I think this film could certainly be a hidden gem of 2015 as it was just so random at times but that actually worked in its favour. Samuel L Jackson is not the big hero you have seen him in the past in fact he’s scared of like everything and that is what makes this film a surprise as our hero is a young boy. Not what you will be expecting with this one at all, it has a good heart behind it as well another thing I wasn’t expecting. I am pretty sure the only reason I ended up seeing this one was because it was a slow week for releases. It had some hilarious moments as well as being so random and off the wall at times.


I didn’t even fancy seeing this one after the trailers and realising that our new Superhero actually changed into the size of an ant. That did not make me want to rush to see it, but with it being a Marvel film and will be introduced into the Universe they have set you I obviously went to see it and it had to be the biggest surprise of the summer! It worked so much better than I ever would have thought, had the comedy factor we have grown to expect and the tiny hero is actually such a fantastic idea when you think about it. I am therefore looking forward to the next steps for Ant-Man and how he is going to be more involved in future films. Paul Rudd was the perfect choice of the role!

The Intern Review

I’m not going to lie and say that I did not want to see this film as I did, I just didn’t think it would actually be very good. Yes I do realise that is a very strange statement to make about a film that you want to see. But I am pleased to say that I was very wrong in that sense as throughly enjoyed it and was surprised by how much, I do think that the film was just what I needed at the time of seeing it. Nothing that was massively heavy or hard to watch, with good performances and showing that generations can co-exist in the work place and help each other grow as people with the different experiences they have in life.


Possibly a strange choice to have in my surprised list? Well that is because this turned into a film that I did not expect. I wasn’t expecting it to be about a group of women who were on the ground fighting for the cause, I thought it was going to be based around Pankhurst. While that could have made it disappointing in terms of hardly any Meryl Streep and we are shown her whole role in the trailer. But the performances from Mulligan et al. It opens your eyes to what the women went through to help fight for the right to vote (among other things) and I really did find it very inspiring that this is a generation that is not too far from our own and because of women like this we can live a better life now. Honestly this film made me go pretty deep feelings wise!

The MartianReview

Probably another film people will be confused to see on the list but I really did not fancy seeing this one, I was quite frankly all spaced out still with Gravity and Interstellar in the previous years and I thought it was going to be more of the same. Well I was certainly wrong about that and we get a kinda Castaway space film with a very impressive Matt Damon. That is the reason why this has made it onto this list, I agree with the hype surrounding it but it did take me about 3 weeks into its run to eventually head to the cinema to see it. I am really pleased I did as it was a good cinema film. Damon was very charismatic and it really did offer a hell of a lot more than I ever anticipated.

The Night Before Review

Each year now ahead of the festive period we seem to get comedy Christmas setting films and this year was no different. I opted only to see The Night Before this year though and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it really did have some very amusing moments. The usual cringing moments as well, but it also had a good heart at the core of it which meant we cared a little bit more for the characters. Spending their last Christmas Eve together because of things changing in their lives. Considering it could have ended up more of a “lads” film I enjoyed it as a 28-year-old female, so I guess the audience pull could be seen as wider than expected? So a nice surprise for one of the last films I saw at the cinema in 2015.


What films were you surprised with in 2015? 

14 thoughts on “7 Films that surprised me in 2015

  1. Really interesting list. It’s kinda funny. Ant-Man was a disappointment for me. It wasn’t terrible but I found it to be pretty generic. I’m definitely in the minority though.


  2. The films which have surprised me this year have mainly been independent productions –
    A Brilliant Young Mind (aka X+Y) – my favourite UK film of the year.
    Trainwreck – sharp US comedy starring Amy Schumer
    Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – original, hilarious and heart-wrenching
    Steve Jobs – enjoyed it far more than I expected. Great acting from Michael and Kate

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I’ve notice that X+Y is on Netflix I’ll have to check it out! I loved Steve Jobs as well, haven’t seen the others I’ll look out for them now!


    • Yeah that’s the thing its not amazing (and I hope people don’t expect it to be after reading this lol) but it done a job for a very tough time in my life and took my mind off things for a couple of hours. The best way to judge if you liked a film in my opinion 🙂


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