7 Films that disappointed me in 2015

One of the worst things about watching a lot of films has to be when your really looking forward to one. It has a lot of hype around it, it features one of your favourite actors, you like the sound of the story. You rush to see it at the cinema when it’s released and when it starts you are expecting a lot (probably the first problem) and in the end you are left feeling disappointed. Sometimes though even a little bit of hope for some films is too much and again you are disappointed as the credits roll.

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2015 at the Cinema!


Yes we are given the second instalment and while as I sat down in the cinema for this film I suddenly realised I couldn’t really remember what happened in Divergent. What I did remember was that I thought it had a very interesting background and the world they live in with having to take a test to then decide on your job and place to live. But other than that this film went a different way and spends most of the time rushing about and being unsure of what the plan actually is . . .

Avengers: Age of Ultron- Review

This was probably going to be one of the toughest films for Marvel to totally nail as the buzz around the first Avengers film and the standard improvement of the films we’ve had in-between the releases have been very high and very enjoyable. That is probably why I was left feeling cheated by this one, I was expecting too much and it didn’t quite deliver to the high standard I was hoping for but it was important to start the divide between two certain Avengers that we are going to see squaring up in 2016. Parts were still decent, I thought it also went too far with the humour and funny moments.

Far from the Madding CrowdReview

I am such a huge fan of Carey Mulligan and really make sure that I watch all of her films, and even caught her in a play a couple of years ago and met her. Ok anyway that’s changing the subject from this film, I had wanted to see it so much that by the time I eventually went I think I was expecting something amazing when in actual fact it was just boring from start to finish in all honesty. I ended up wondering what the actual point of the film was at it just seemed to drag, with hardly anything happening. But that’s ok isn’t it we don’t like every single film we watch.


Now the hype and buzz surrounding this one was pretty unreal in all honesty, yes Gyllenhaal went for it but for me it was in the wrong way. I didn’t really care about the characters and the way the film ripped your heart out so early on was rather distracting. With the hype this fell into that disappointment category as it did not live up to it. It was just lacking so much and I didn’t really understand the comparisons to other great sports films when it finished.


The way the trailers were put together for this one was that it was going to be totally epic, it was going to be an incredible cinema experience, you had to see it in 3D for amazing effects. When he reality it didn’t do any of those things, it fell short of all expectations and the 3D was just pointless (my usual thought on 3D anyway, but I thought I would give it a try for this one). Sorry Jake Gyllenhaal for including two of your films in this list! I was just wanting something worthy of the hype, I will admit some of the scenes did look visually stunning but that wasn’t enough.


My favourite work of Shakespeare from my time at school and college, I always thought the story of Macbeth was so interesting and fascinating. I thought Fassbender did his best in what was a very difficult film to watch, I have to mention (probably again) that Marion Cotillard was truly abysmal casting as Lady Macbeth, honestly its the worst I’ve seen her in a film. Not forgetting she is supposed to be Scottish? The less said about her in this one the better. It was a good job that I already knew the story though and had an idea of what was going on, because it was very difficult and tricky to understand.


Again a film that had so much hype it was unreal and was following such an incredible and well-loved film in Skyfall, yes I was one of the people who totally loved that one. So the excitement surrounding Spectre was very high and that is one of the many reasons it turned out to be disappointing. The storyline was ok, but Christoph Waltz in my opinion was very weak and not used to his best bad guy ways. I just expected so much more from him as well, we know what to expect with Daniel Craig now though as 007 and that was alright. Certainly shows how you need to try to keep an open mind when heading in to watch a film, not taking on board the hype around it. Maybe that was something that was overkill in the UK with how proud everyone is of Bond being ours?


What films left you feeling disappointed in 2015? 

23 thoughts on “7 Films that disappointed me in 2015

  1. I’ve only seen Insurgent, Ultron, and Spectre. I agree that all were disappointing. With Insurgent, I will say that I wasn’t expecting much since the first was rather ‘meh,’ and it didn’t even meet that. I liked Ultron, but not as much as I’d hoped. Spectre, I thought was a step back for the franchise, especially after the brilliant Skyfall. The shame of it really is that Spectre is exactly the type of Bond film that Skyfall deconstructed. And trust me, the hype was overkill here in the states, too.

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    • I can totally understand your point with Spectre it did take some steps backwards. I guess one thing about the films you have mentioned as well that sequels and another film in a franchise don’t always just work for the audience.


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was let down by Age of Dull-torn. Not to be one of those angry feminist people but I was especially disappointed in how they treated Black Widow. She’s a fascinating character I came to love in Winter Soldier but she was reduced to an airheaded sexpot that Marilyn Monroe herself would turn down.

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  3. Definitely with you on Spectre and even Avengers. Kinda stunned that neither made it onto my end of the year Top 20 list. I would have never expected it at the start of the year. I did really like Everest though. I will say the characters are a bit thin but they were enough for me. I just went for the man vs Everest main story.


  4. I totally agree with you on Spectre, I wanted to love it so much I convinced myself that I did for about a wekk but when I really thought about it I was massively underwhelmed. A victim of too much hype I feel.

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  5. I found Age of Ultron and Spectre disappointing follow ups to their predecessors. There was a lot of expectation for Ultron and despite churning out a decent flick, it doesn’t say much. It looked like it worked as a filler movie for the Marvel universe. Spectre was fun but it doesn’t hold a light against Skyfall.

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    • Yeah totally agree about Ultron it was just to build up for Civil War really which is a shame with how good it’s all been for Marvel recently!


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