Top 10 – Missed Films of 2015

I have done this list for the past few years now just to say that I have indeed missed some films which either got good reviews or had buzz from my fellow bloggers and just to remind people it is not physical possibly to see every single film that is released (especially with my job, but I do my best). You can check which films I went to see at the cinema here.

The reasons for missing the different films really did range depending on other things out at the cinema, the times of the showings (sometimes films end up with a 6pm latest showing which does not work well for me) and if they were on for a few weeks or just lasted the week. I also might not have fancied it to begin with until the hype surrounding it got me curious!

You will now see 10 films which I unfortunately missed at the cinema. Please tell me though if you think I should catch up with it or just be glad that I missed it . . .

Mad Max: Fury Road




It Follows


Woman in Gold


A Little Chaos




The Gift


Man from U.N.C.L.E







So which ones do you demand that I catch up with as soon as possible? 

38 thoughts on “Top 10 – Missed Films of 2015

  1. Wait… have you still not seen Mad Max??? I don’t know how to react to this. Just see it right now! Also check out Sicario and The Gift. It Follows I found a tad overhyped but check it out and I’d recommend giving Legend a try just for the double Tom Hardy performance.

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    • Yeah it was just bad planning especially for Legend, as I did attempt it one day but was almost sold out and was in the second row and couldn’t see the screen properly!

      I just never fancied Mad Max (I know thats bad) but I still don’t think I’ll like it!

      I take your advice for the rest of them and will watch out for when they come on Sky. Unless you think any are worth using the iTunes card I got for Christmas? haha

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    • Glad you’ve missed some of these as well, as I thought it looked like I had missed some of the real big films in 2015. I just never got a chance for Sicario. Everyone really seems to love Mad Max! I loved the idea behind It Follows so still very curious about that one.


  2. Mad max and sicario are in my top 5 of the year. Highly recommended even if you don’t think it’ll be your thing. The gift and it follows are also definitely worth seeing. It follows in fact may even make my top 10 of the year (still working on that)

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  3. I would definitely recommend Legend, Sicario and Mad Max. MM is a favourite with a lot of film critics and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is nominated at the Oscars. I was disappointed with The Man From UNCLE except for Alicia Vikander – but her role was underwritten.
    I’m not sure if you saw any foreign language films this year but I would suggest Wild Tales, 13 Minutes (aka Elser) and Marshland (aka La Isla Minima). Maybe catch them on dvd.



    • That’s interesting that you are recommending Legend as not many people have, mainly to see Tom Hardy’s performance(s) as I’ve heard the actual film isn’t the best?

      It really does look like I am going to have to catch up quickly with MM!


      • Tom Hardy’s performance(s) is definitely the strongest part of the film and that’s probably why I enjoyed it and got caught up in it so much. I also thought the production was good with the film capturing the period extremely well. Very violent though.

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