7 Thoughts after watching The Force Awakens again!

After watching the film again I could not help but end up with a few questions or thoughts. I am not really sure some of them can be answered yet, but considering I already have written my review I wanted to think of another way I could get down some thoughts on the throughly enjoyable film to get Star Wars going again. Especially I have pretty much binge watched the other six films since my first Force Awakens viewing, yes really thank you Sky Movies for the Star Wars channel, it’s going to be a sad day when it disappears!


Finn is going to have a good story


Well I hope it can get even better as come on someone leaving the First Order who was a stormtrooper because he did not feel it was right is a great start! The possible ok the nailed on love story with Rey as well. But will we find out more about the family he was taken from?

Han Solo and Leia still have amazing chemistry

Honestly the second viewing is so much worse when you see them together again, I instantly had tears in my eyes. It was such a lovely moment, the way they both forgave each other with just one look!

Darth Vader is still a key player

Yeah seriously we can’t get away from Vader, but in all honesty why would we want to? Fantastic story and character!

Rey is an incredibly inspiring character, let’s hope she isn’t Luke’s daughter

Loads of speculation around this with the lightsaber now calling to her after it was Anakin’s and then Luke’s but wouldn’t that be really obvious and a bit tedious? I don’t know what I would want the outcome to be, so any other possible suggestions

What actually happened to Poe?

From the crash with Finn he somehow ended up absolutely no where near him at all, like not even on the same possible planet? Ok they didn’t say that but I guess this did make more sense when watching a making of feature about the film and that Poe was meant to die pretty much straight away so maybe this was the moment? And they didn’t properly change the story around? That is the only possibility I have come up with for that one, but it is just as strange and annoying the second time round.

Kylo Ren has the Skywalker Anger! 

The mask has to be to channel Vader but did we really need the voice? He is a very good character who I am sure we are going to see grow, but he sure does have that anger down when things don’t go his way. But he still fights with the light trying to push through . . .

We spent the whole time waiting to see Luke . . . and he doesn’t speak!


It’s as equally frustrating as it is brilliant, but a massive cliffhanger which isn’t really what we expected from a Star Wars film. Come on he could have said at least one word! I wonder how much Mark Hamill got paid for his “cameo” haha.

What are your thoughts and/or unanswered questions on The Force Awakens?

18 thoughts on “7 Thoughts after watching The Force Awakens again!

  1. I liked the film and thought it was good.. tho it is far far from a great film. ( #itsnoMadMax) All the points you make here about Poe, Ren etc.. are valid plus yes, Leia & Han!!! Plus, where was my awesome amazing Jedi spaceship fight scene? my feeling on the ending is I do think the next one will be better..at least I hope so. 😀


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