Top 10 – Missed Films of 2015

I have done this list for the past few years now just to say that I have indeed missed some films which either got good reviews or had buzz from my fellow bloggers and just to remind people it is not physical possibly to see every single film that is released (especially with my job, but I do my best). You can check which films I went to see at the cinema here.

The reasons for missing the different films really did range depending on other things out at the cinema, the times of the showings (sometimes films end up with a 6pm latest showing which does not work well for me) and if they were on for a few weeks or just lasted the week. I also might not have fancied it to begin with until the hype surrounding it got me curious!

You will now see 10 films which I unfortunately missed at the cinema. Please tell me though if you think I should catch up with it or just be glad that I missed it . . .

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7 Thoughts after watching The Force Awakens again!

After watching the film again I could not help but end up with a few questions or thoughts. I am not really sure some of them can be answered yet, but considering I already have written my review¬†I wanted to think of another way I could get down some thoughts on the throughly enjoyable film to get Star Wars going again. Especially I have pretty much binge watched the other six films since my first Force Awakens viewing, yes really thank you Sky Movies for the Star Wars channel, it’s going to be a sad day when it disappears!


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