One Special Night (1999) Review

When Robert and Catherine meet by chance during a snow storm one night, they attempt to make it away from the nursing home they had been visiting but crash and must spend the night in a log cabin that they manage to find.

This is a film that I stumbled upon by chance many years ago now and it really is such a lovely film, which has a Christmas feel to it. Maybe because it all builds up to Christmas day? That could certainly be a good reason to that, along with that when I first came across it I watched it around Christmas time as well. A made for TV Movie but how can you resist anything that sees Julie Andrews and James Garner working together in the lead roles on a film. They really do have great chemistry together and it is not forced too much, just shown that people can always have a second chance even after the love of their life is no longer with them.

It isn’t too heavy on the romance and really is such a lovely film to watch. It is nice, I know that sometimes does not feel the best way to describe a film but it really is perfect for this one. As Robert is coming terms to his wife not coming home from the nursing home and suffering with Alzheimer’s, I guess we could pretend it is an alternative ending to The Notebook! As he is dealing with this, his daughters are struggling even more and have a few issues of their own. One pregnant with her second child and a relationship that seems to be failing with her husband and the other feeling guilty about living away from home.

Catherine has been massively struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband which was a year previous. Still visiting the nursing home he was staying in during his battle, sitting in his only room for a while. Along with other memories and still working as a doctor, everything will come full circle in the end. After something happens on the day they agree to meet back up again after having that one special night, yes it may be corny at times but sometimes watching something corny is just what you need. It is probably what you would describe as a perfect Sunday afternoon film.

I eventually watched this again last night as bought the DVD quite a while ago and never got round to watching it again. It was quite a difficult one to eventually find on DVD but pleased it is in my collection as I don’t often seen this on any of the movie channels on TV! I really will watch just anything with Julie Andrews in she really does have such a lovely screen presence.

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