Star Wars – Stormtrooper 3D Glasses

It’s very rare now that I seem to come across the limited edition and special film related 3D glasses. I do still have my Harry Potter ones from when the final film came out, and I still wear them to this day. But last week when I went to see the new Star Wars film at a Vue Cinema something happened and they had these glasses. Even though I did not see the film in 3D I just had to buy them to add to my collection, ok when I saw collection I mean to the Harry Potter glasses as the possible start of a collection!

And of course to take them with me from now on and make everyone else really jealous and wonder where I got them from! Yes honestly! But come on they are very very cool. I must also add that they have Kylo Ren glasses as well, I guess I should have bought those as well. They were a reasonable £4.99!

I am actually surprised more cinema chains don’t do this more often as let’s face it people like myself would then be buying 3D glasses all of the time rather than just getting one pair 😉 Well done Vue Cinemas!

3 thoughts on “Star Wars – Stormtrooper 3D Glasses

  1. These are awesome. I like the idea of personalized 3d glasses for different movies. Gives you something else to remember the movie by besides just your movie ticket. I wish more movies would start doing this!

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