Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Review

The Empire has a newly established base and really want to control the entire galaxy. With Luke Skywalker starting to find out his potential as he follows Obi-Wan’s advise to find Master Yoda to train him, while this is happening Princess Leia and Han Solo are being pursued by Darth Vader.

The film pretty much picks up where A New Hope leaves off and takes us on another incredible adventure into the Star Wars universe, it also let’s us get to know the characters even more as well. We enjoyed them in the first part and now we are getting the chance to see them in action all over again. Han Solo really stands out in this one for me, and his amazing relationship with Chewie. I am pretty sure we would be calling that a bromance now. Ok yes I went there but come on they are just perfect together.

Solo really does come into his own and his personality of not really caring about anything changes when we start to sense he has feelings for Princess Leia, he even manages to have a very jealous couple of scenes over her. Which I thought was a really good route to go down really building up the possibility of romance between the two characters.

Thinking about the scenes with Luke and Yoda another great build up as we find out that his father Anakin Skywalker was a very powerful Jedi but did not complete his full training. He is urged by Yoda to not follow the same path. I think the only problem about this build up now as that everyone knows who his father his become it must have been absolutely fantastic to find that out by the scene with Vader. I am pretty sure though that he sliced his hand off just before telling him who he is. But still though what a moment and great acting from Hamill in his reaction (pretty sure I’ve read he had no idea about it either?).

It just all flows very well but does leave us with a couple of cliffhangers really especially surrounding Han Solo, what will happen to him?

We get a new character in Lando Calrissian and it is not very clear whether he is on the dark or light side as he seems to just be trying to look after himself. This made me really take notice of him as thought he is a good character and something to build on for the next film as well. Especially considering he left with Chewie. I find CP30 to be totally hilarious, honestly man he’s just great!

A very solid film from start to finish possibly better than A New Hope? Actually yes I am going for it and I certainly enjoyed it even more than that film. So many great moments and the characters are fantastic. Luke Skywalker really must be one of the most likeable characters in film history right?

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