Bondathon: Bond in Motion (Cars of Spectre)

Back in July 2014 I first went to the Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden. You can read about it here. But after completing my Bondathon and eventually catching up with a lot of the films I decided to take another trip to the Film Museum on Wednesday. They had also added the Cars of Spectre to it along with some of the costumes, so I decided that another trip would be a very good idea.

A lot of the cars were still in the same place and I will admit that it took me quite a while to actually locate where the special Spectre part was, after I somehow walked a different way. It was a good time to go on Wednesday morning as it wasn’t very busy, and nice to be able to just wander about having a look and watching the small clips from the films with the different things in them. I also thought that now I have watched every single Bond film I would appreciate it all more. That was very true, something special about being able to see all of the incredible cars and props from the films. Some of the cars are just breathtaking and truly special to be standing so close to.

When you actually see the Rolls Royce cars it is very difficult to understand how big they are, they really are something else. So when you see the quote about it taking 6 months to build one well that makes perfect sense doesn’t it. The detail on them are remarkable.

The Spectre Aston Martin

This is quite possibly the most impressive car that I have ever seen. Yes. Really. It is incredible, so incredible I could hardly get it all in one photo! It is so streamline and must be an absolute dream to drive.

The watch . . .

Very talked about due to the product placement, that was on display as well as the Spectre ring and the suit worn by Daniel Craig.

The most famous car has to be this one . . .

It was very nice to see Sean Connery was having a look around that day as well 😉 haha. But honestly that model totally freaked me out as his eyes sparkle!

It is fantastic that the Bond in Motion exhibition is still going very strong as I don’t think they intended for it to still be going now. A truly recommended place to visit when you are in London, as who doesn’t like looking at all of these different things that have featured in films?

6 thoughts on “Bondathon: Bond in Motion (Cars of Spectre)

    • Glad I could help out 🙂 didn’t post all of the photos I took just a few of them! I thought it was worth going again to see the extra stuff!


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