Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Review

30 years after the defeat of the Empire, a new threat is rising when The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy. Will the resistance and some unexpected new heroes be able to stop them?

The hype surrounding this film is truly incredible, it has been everywhere for the past few months. The build up so intense and really creating that need to want to see it, I have never been a massive Star Wars fan I must admit but they are very special films and I do have a feeling I am starting to become or will become a big fan the more I have been watching the older films. I did then start to feel slightly excited to see if this film really was that good. The quick answer to that question is yes.

If you want to read why the answer is yes then continue reading.

I don’t feel that it is right or acceptable to say everything is it? Well I guess I will use that as a starting point and that everything falls together and flows very well and at a good pace. Making sure we are following the story easily enough and providing some twists and turns along the way. Obviously I am not going to spoil anything about the plot, I managed to not have any spoilers prior to seeing it (as it should be). Although I am sure big Star Wars geeks will already know some of these.

Rey and Finn are in the leading roles as the main characters we share the journey with. Both from very different backgrounds find themselves thrown together at very difficult times for them both. I think this helps in terms of character development and the relationship to grow that little bit quicker. As they depend on one another to then help each other out in greater times of need. I really did enjoy Rey from the first moment we see her, a scavenger searching for anything she can use to sell. I am really looking forward to seeing how she grows over time, as this was a very good start and builds up nicely. The force is strong. Not forgetting Poe the Resistance’s best pilot, although we don’t get a massive amount about him this time round.Kylo Ren is our bad guy, who likes wearing a mask and seems to be modelling himself on Darth Vader.

The main plot behind this film is fights over the map to where Luke Skywalker is exiled, something he apparently done to himself after a young Jedi he was training did not work out properly. The build up to when we get to see Luke really was fantastic, it kept you wondering just when that moment would be. I think the mix between new characters and the stories beginning or awakening I should say to link it better with the film, along with the old characters everyone already loves and has great memories of is something that might be seen as a risk but believe me they totally nailed it!

With a good mix of humour, touching moments and fight scenes it really does seem to capture such a perfect balance. With the characters you already know still being able to do what they did best even 40 years ago for some of them! I certainly think J. J. Abrams was the perfect choice to take on directing this much-anticipated film. I am sure the positive reviews and press surrounding this film will still be around for weeks to come and rightly so, it just works so well and is certainly a film you should catch on the big screen. I think my love for Star Wars has been awakened thanks to this film, it has made me watch the others over and over again in preparation and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment in this film. Also a very hard film to review without giving anything away!

12 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Review

  1. Wow. I love that this film has awakened a love of Star Wars in you. That’s awesome! I don’t think the prequels will have done that for many people. I’m a big life-long Star Wars fan and The Force Awakens didn’t disappoint me. 🙂

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    • That’s really good to know that as a life-long fan you weren’t disappointed!

      I am currently watching Return of the Jedi having just finished The Empire Strikes Back. Was hoping to get back through them again before watching Force Awakens, but totally loving them all even more this time ❤ . . . Yes I have even bought two build a bears, chewie and Vader haha


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