Whitesnake & Def Leppard – Newcastle 2015

Date: Wednesday 9th December 2015

Venue: Metro Radio Arena (Newcastle, UK)

Black Star Riders – Set List

I made a bit of a mistake before heading to the concert and not actually listening to the music from these guys before hand. Although I will defend myself and say that I have listened to a little bit of Thin Lizzy and that is who these are, but don’t go under that name anymore out of respect to the members who have died. Thoroughly enjoyed Whiskey in the Jar as grown very fond of that song after hearing it on Classic Rock radio station (seriously that is all I have on in the car).

Whitesnake – Set List

Lead by the very charismatic David Coverdale who certainly puts in a shift during the course of the gig. He is showman and really does entertain from start to finish, he worked the stage and certainly covered all of it spending the majority of his time in the middle part of the stage. His voice may not be what it once was when it comes to the more screaming/shouting parts but he really is still very good. I thought in the slower songs he was much better.

Here I Go Again is one of my all time favourite songs. It’s one of those songs that has gotten me through so many tough times and very dark days. Seriously if you have never heard it before please go listen to it now. The lyrics really are inspiring if things haven’t been going your way as you have to go again even if it is alone. So another one I have now been able to tick off my list as seeing it live, it certainly was a great moment singing along.

With their most recent album release being the Purple Album a throw back to Coverdale being in Deep Purple and a re-recording of those songs they did have quite a lot from that one on the set list, I wish I had bought and listened to that album prior to going as I think I would have enjoyed those songs even more.

Def Leppard – Set List

Fronted by the fantastic Joe Elliott who I have now seen live for the second time, I managed to catch the Down ‘n’ Outz at a very small venue in Newcastle last year. Yes he did mention it and yes I did jump up and screaming I was there, as he poked fun at himself saying only four people turned up. A hell of a lot more than that were packed into the arena on Wednesday night. He also knows how to work the crowd and put on a good show. In a slightly different way to Coverdale though.

Pour Some Sugar On Me . . . Probably the most well-known of Leppard songs? Well maybe I am not really too sure in all honesty, but that was a great one to jump around too. Well kinda rock from side to side in all honesty as my legs had well and truly gone by this point. But that didn’t really matter as the hits kept on flying out and Elliott even gave us his version of Fog on the Tyne which was a pretty cool moment! The pacing was good with different songs being put together in a very good order, with some very high intensity and slowed right down for Elliott to sing Two Steps behind acoustically which I think was one of my favourite parts!

A truly incredible line up and set’s which have to be more than worth the £50 per ticket that it cost. Very hard going on the legs in the standing section, but it certainly was well worth it and you somehow manage to power through the pain! Maybe more rock bands should co-headline like this?

2 thoughts on “Whitesnake & Def Leppard – Newcastle 2015

  1. Great write-up! I love how you include the playlists. I’m so happy that Def Leppard played songs from their new album. That is a great album, and think it belongs with their classics. I’ve seen them twice. The first time was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. They played at least one song from every one of their albums. It was around the time that X was released. Then I saw them with Journey opening for them. Both of these bands were my favorites in the ’80s. Unfortunately, Journey was in between singers. Steve Auggeri had just left, and Arnel was not there yet. So, I was so disappointed. Def Leppard was awesome again, but they only played about half of the songs from the last show I saw. That’s one of the downsides of having co-headliners – their sets are a lot shorter. If there is an up-and-coming artist opening, they play about 30-45 minutes, and the headliner plays a lot longer.

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    • Yeah I understand what you mean about the co-headlining! Really enjoyed this concert will happily go to see them both again, I loved that Def Leppard opened with a song from the new album as I know they did not do that in the US.


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