Christmas Films – 20-16

20. White Christmas (1954)

Does it really get any more Christmassy than this? Probably not.

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Christmas Films – 37-31

Here we go with the start of the list! I know some of the order is going to be frowned upon, but it’s just what I like when it comes to Christmas Films. Also don’t forget it is a list of the films I have SEEN so don’t need to say why isn’t a certain film included 😉

37. Bad Santa (2003) 

I know so many people actually love this one but I absolutely hate it. Thought it was everything that isn’t Christmas, which could be a reason for some of the likes in all honesty. But it really made me cringe and annoyed!

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37 Christmas Films

Yes you really have read the title of this blog post correctly 37 Christmas Films. Why 37 you may be thinking, well that’s how many Christmas Films I have actually seen and considering some of them are totally awful I didn’t want to call it Top 37 Christmas Films because some  of them would be nowhere near a top list! So I have therefore decided to rank them from 1-37, with the best at the top and worst at the bottom. Thought I would do this over a series of blog posts!

Click the links below to see the films!