Christmas Films – 37-31

Here we go with the start of the list! I know some of the order is going to be frowned upon, but it’s just what I like when it comes to Christmas Films. Also don’t forget it is a list of the films I have SEEN so don’t need to say why isn’t a certain film included 😉

37. Bad Santa (2003) 

I know so many people actually love this one but I absolutely hate it. Thought it was everything that isn’t Christmas, which could be a reason for some of the likes in all honesty. But it really made me cringe and annoyed!

36. Four Christmases (2008) 

After a couple failed to go away on holiday at Christmas when the flights were cancelled and they made it on TV. They were then found out to be liars and had to visit both families, which were split in half so hence the four Christmases. Plenty of slapstick moments and bad humour.

35. Surviving Christmas (2004)

Ben Affleck was pretty much at rock bottom with film, as a rich guy who pays a family to spend Christmas with him. He doesn’t come across well and it was just a truly awful film, attempting to have some sentiment when it was already too late.

34. Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

Another about a family who wanted to escape for the festive season and get stranded at home . . . Such a shame Tim Allen done this one as I love him as Santa, but we’ll get to that later!

33. The Family Man (2000)

Nicolas Cage. Do I really need to say anything else?

32. Deck the Halls (2006) 

With what starts out as a small competition of neighbours who want to have the best Christmas lights, it then escalades to a full on battle and feud. As both men want their house to be seen from space . . . Yes really! A little bit of a different take on Christmas, and how it has now become about the decorations and who is the best.

31. Fred Claus (2007) Review

It’s not that everything about this film was bad, it had quite a good idea behind it in Santa having a brother who therefore cannot do anything right. It just didn’t quite work in the best possible way, maybe Vince Vaughn should have learnt from this one and not bothered with Four Christmases.


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