Christmas Films – 20-16

20. White Christmas (1954)

Does it really get any more Christmassy than this? Probably not.

19. A Christmas Carol (2009) Review

This version was groundbreaking in 3D at the cinema, I actually enjoyed Jim Carrey voicing the majority of the characters!

18. Gremlins (1984)

Who didn’t want a Gremlin? Actually rephrase that Mogwai! He fed them after midnight, but we did therefore get a hilarious scene of them carol “singing”

17. Die Hard (1988) Review

Wasn’t really sure whether to include this one in the list of Christmas films as it always seems to cause such a big debate to whether it is actually a Christmas film or not? But let’s face it Bruce Willis . . . He has a machine gun now.

16. The Santa Clause 2: Mrs Clause (2002) Review

Tim Allen is back and loving being Santa this time, but he must find a wife before Christmas! Honestly this one still has so much good going for it!

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