Christmas Films – 2

Elf – Review

Now this is a film that I never expected to like at all. I am not a big fan of Will Ferrell or comedy films. But I tell you something this one doesn’t half work!

Buddy the Elf well he’s not really an Elf he’s a person from New York who ended up at the North Pole as a baby, so was raised as an Elf. So when he eventually learns the truth about his background that is when the adventure begins. As he leaves the North Pole and heads to New York. Honestly though the things someone who has no idea how the world works to go to New York we know this is going to be funny.

He is harmless enough and is just searching to try to find his dad. But New York is a pretty cruel place and the people aren’t the happiest. So along with that Buddy then sees it as his duty to spread Christmas cheer. This is where the film has such an amazing heart, he just wants everyone to be happy.

He then finds himself working in a department store after he set’s the Christmas lights up, which leads to one of the best moments. When he gets so excited about Santa announced as coming to the store . . .

I don’t actually think anyone else could have pulled this role off like Ferrell did, he really is something else. It has to be seen as a massive feel good Christmas film. You cannot help but smile and laugh throughout.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Films – 2

  1. I have commonly heard that people who don’t generally like Will Ferrell still enjoy this movie. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies too. Basically for all the same reasons as you. 😛

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