Christmas Films – 1

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol (1992) Review

I have so much love for this film. The classic Christmas Carol story with Muppets and one of the best Scrooge performances ever from Michael Caine? Come on he was acting with the Muppets!

Not forgetting that he dances about and sings a song at the end as well. Showing that Scrooge really does have niceness deep inside!

I think that is probably one of the best things about the Muppet version is that we get a few songs thrown in for the ride as well. Something that is extra nice in a Christmas film, just gives it more of an edge compared to others.

The visits from the ghosts really do rely on Caine’s acting ability as there’s only a couple of other actors in it. It must have been a strange experience to film. It certainly is my favourite ever Christmas film!

16 thoughts on “Christmas Films – 1

  1. I love this movie!! The songs are great. It has a ton of the story in there (I’m a bit of a Christmas Carol junkie if you didn’t know). And Caine is great as Scrooge. Great job!

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  2. Having looked at your entire list (a list i do pretty much agree with), I have to say that you are truly missing out having not seen Nicolas Cage’s yuletide masterpiece ‘Trapped in Paradise’ (!)

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  3. LOVE this film, one of my favourite childhood Christmas films. I watched it in college for my media class a few years ago and I still enjoyed it a lot as a teenager. If I have the time I’ll try to watch it again before Christmas rolls around. Great choice and wonderful review.

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  4. I was holding my breath in suspence – so glad you made the right call 😉 I don’t think I saw A Christmas Story anywhere on your list, or National Lampoon’s Christmas, but otherwise a good and fun list. Thanks!


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