Quantum of Solace (2008) Review

James Bond must unravel the mysterious organisation to whom Mr White is part of, whilst also trying to get over losing Vesper.

Craig’s second outing as Bond was nowhere near as good as his first, that wasn’t his fault though it’s just the storyline and action were pretty boring in this one. I think the fact that Bond is still pining and upset over Vesper takes the edge off really, it’s not like 007 to be moping about and bothered about the death of one of his “girls”. But I guess at the same time that is important to understand how they were trying to reboot these films and make Bond have more of a soul, he can fall in love and he can have his heart-broken. This does lead to some brutal moments in this film or does he not take them?

The idea that he is hurting and heartbroken and therefore given the more ruthless edge I guess was character building. That is where these films are different we see straight away that they plan to link them together properly as a mini-series of their own and not just separate Bond films. Which is fine we can deal with that, the main problem I think with this film considering I saw it at the cinema (before starting the blog hence no review before now) and have watched it a few times on TV and more recently rented (had a free voucher) to use on Amazon Prime, is that it is not massively memorable. I always forget what actually happened in this one.

The only scene that I thought oh yes I remember this one was at the Opera in Austria. Everything else seems to disappear after you have seen it, hope that makes sense. As I didn’t feel that the case with Casino Royale and have enjoyed that on many occasions. We already get a few of the same characters, we know that we don’t have a new Q or Moneypenny yet though we have to wait for the next film for that. Again though I am pleased those characters were not rushed. Judi Dench getting a little more screen time again in this one, which is never a bad thing in all honesty. I really do love her as M so much authority, she really was just perfect for that role.

Almost forgot to mention that Strawberry Fields (yes really, that was her name) meeting an oily end in homage to Goldfinger. Maybe that was the first of the moments in Craig’s Bond that we get throwbacks to the older films? It’s actually really had to talk about this film and different events without mentioning the next one. Honestly I won’t name it . . .

A truly forgettable film, that seemed to try but never really reached the heights that Casino Royale set. Not by any means the worst Bond film out there.

3 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace (2008) Review

  1. Completely agree that forgettable is the film’s biggest downfall. I liked the car chase at the beginning and the opera bit but I can hardly remember anything else.

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