Possible Actors who could be the next James Bond

As Daniel Craig’s era as Bond is coming to an end (after one more, come on he has always been contracted to it right?) But I thought after completing the Bondathon I would look to see possibilities of actors who could take on the role next.

Here are the ages the different actors started and finished as Bond. Quite interesting really as I think both Connery and Craig looked older than they were in their first films. The fact Lazenby wasn’t very popular and under the age of 30 I can’t really see them picking someone very young to take on the mantel.

Roger Moore 44-57
Timothy Dalton 42-44
Pierce Brosnan 41-49
Daniel Craig 37-47
Sean Connery 31-40
George Lazenby 29

I have literally picked loads of actors who could be possibilities, split them into different ages and tried to decide if I can see them as Bond or not. Some of them though I think would work perfectly well as a bad guy, come on don’t Brit’s seems to make the best bad guys? I was originally going to come up with 7 possible actors but I thought that was pretty impossible as we really have no idea which direction they are going in. I have stayed British with the actors listed, as let’s face it we have some very talented Brits doing us proud on the big screen! Also I have picked photo’s of them in a Tux, as come on that’s a very important part of becoming Bond. James Bond.

Too young? May just have to wait another decade? As they are probably too young at the moment, but thought I would start off with a next next generation of possibilities for the very famous role.

Nicholas Hoult (25)

Had a steady career from being a child actor and seems to be going from strength to strength. Could he be Bond? I am undecided with that one, but you could see him in role in the films somewhere.

Daniel Radcliffe (26)

Will he ever escape being Harry Potter? Time is still to tell with that one, but he has done quite a lot of theatre and is building a new career. See him as Bond? Not really.




Jamie Campbell Bower (27)

Another young Brit who is picking interesting projects, doesn’t really seem to have the right look for Bond (yet anyway).

Ed Westwick (28) 

I am a big fan of Westwick after my Gossip Girl obsession, the charisma and charm he showed in that really says to me that he has the potential to be Bond one day.

Robert Pattinson (29)

Already a big name due to Twilight, but seems to want to be taken seriously as an actor and picks interesting projects. Bad Guy?

Jamie Bell (29)

Another former child actor who has been in many different genre’s of film. But will Billy Elliot ever become Bond?


Ideal Age! 


Henry Cavill (32)

Could Superman become James Bond. I think he could well have been within a shout if he wasn’t in that role, as would be a massive name to take on the mantel.

Eddie Redmayne (33)

I don’t like Redmayne at all think he is an awful emotionless actor (please don’t mention Theory of Everything) so wouldn’t like to see him anywhere near Bond.

Tom Hiddleston (34)

I don’t know if it is because of his fantastic turn as Loki that I am pushing more towards Bad Guy for Hiddleston.

Charlie Hunnam (35)

Not a massively well-known actor which is the very reason he is on the list, very good age and has a good look to him as well. Could certainly see his potential as 007!

Luke Evans (36)

Launched into the spotlight in The Hobbit has to be a very real choice for Bond, right age and good look.

James McAvoy (36)

Surely Bond would be well within McAvoy’s reach, good charisma and done a few action films already. He must be in massive contention for the role, likeable as well.

Matthew Goode (37)

I think Goode really does have a good look for the role and with him not being a massive name it certainly is a possibility.

Dominic Cooper (37) 

Not really convinced about his acting ability but another quite baby-faced actor. Not sure if he has what it takes to be Bond.

Jim Sturgess (37) 

A very talented actor who I was looking forward to seeing in a lot more films since Across the Universe, hasn’t been in a massive amount of bigger films. Could be a good choice?

Orlando Bloom (38)

Yes I know a lot of people will be complaining with having Orlando on the list, but honestly my teenage self totally made me do it! He does look younger than he actually is, never say never. I would be happy with this, don’t think anyone else would be though.

Michael Fassbender (38)

I love Fassbender and think he is one of the best British actors currently working in film. The problem is though I really don’t think he needs Bond at the moment. Think he would be fantastic though, equally so as a bad guy. Would be an inspired choice.

Tom Hardy (38)

Still in with a good shout, an actor who really goes for it in terms of physical appearance for a role. I’d have him as Bond. But after some of his roles would he be better suited to be a totally amazing bad guy? I guess with his ability and popularity he really could pull off either role.

Benedict Cumberbatch (39)






Not the right look in my eyes, will be a perfect bad guy though! I just see him as Sherlock now. No denying that he is not a highly talented actor and has shown that in his recent film and TV roles.


Possibly too old or will be too old when the time for the next Bond arrises.

Christian Bale (41)

Batman can become Bond right? I don’t see why not, Bale is a fantastic actor and puts everything into his characters. I would love to see him as Bond, but probably has too high of a profile already. Would be interesting to see how he would spin 007 though wouldn’t it.

Jude Law (42)

At one point in every film you went to see, seems to keep a lower profile now though. Think he has passed his best chance to become 007. Another that could just be seen as a bad guy now?

Jack Davenport (42)

Maybe not the most recognisable of actors, but he has had bit parts in some well-known films, Pirates of the Caribbean just to mention it. Could fit the mould they often pick, lesser known but age is against him now.


Damian Lewis (44)

Not really the right look in all honesty, certainly could be a bad guy.

Ewan McGregor (44)

The Scottish actor surely could still be in the running, always been a fan of his but the wrong side of 40 to be a serious contender in my opinion. Look at him in the tux and posing next to an Aston Martin though, he really would have loved to be Bond.


Too old now but could have been once upon a time . . . I guess they still have a chance to be a bad guy! Looking at some of their previous film roles it does seem they have all had a couple of Bond style films which does make you wonder what could have been.

Gerard Butler (46)

I just think he will be slightly too old when the chance comes along for the next Bond, which is a shame as I am sure he has the charisma to pull it off. I guess he has also had a couple of his own “Bond” style films.

Clive Owen (51)

When Craig was chosen I remember really wanting Owen to be Bond. My mind was quickly changed when I saw Casino Royale mind. He’s played a bad guy before so won’t rule that out.

Kenneth Branagh (54)

Now wouldn’t he have brought such a different style to the role, could still make an awesome bad guy!

Colin Firth (55)

In the past he could have been a Bond, but he had his Bond style film with Kingsman. Maybe he could hope for a bad guy role, as that would be very interesting considering he is always Mr Nice Guy in his films. I would certainly love to see that! The more I am thinking about that the more I would love to see him as a bad guy, someone please make it happen!

Liam Neeson (63) 

Again an actor who has had his own Bond films in terms of Taken to Taken 25 I think that’s how many versions he has made of the same film now?


Who would be your top choices for the next Bond? 

20 thoughts on “Possible Actors who could be the next James Bond

  1. Tom Hardy’s still my top choice since seeing Legend where he had the suave that I didn’t know he could pull off although I wish he was just a few years younger. Sean Connery once said the perfect age to play Bond is 35 and I completely agree. I would still like the next Bond to be someone who we don’t actually know or won’t until he blows us away with an awesome new film eg Daniel Craig in Layer Cake.

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  2. Idris Elba is still my top choice, after reading through this, I think Robert Pattinson would make a good Bond villain, kind of in the vein of Le Chiffre.


  3. It seems that all these people were selected because they can pull off the Bond look. But Bond is much more than a look. One, most of these people are too famous already. Two, many of these people have voices that would disqualify them from the part.

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    • Well I did try and find photos of them in a tux to get the feel that way.

      I am amused by your comment about the voices that would disqualify them from the part. I do believe actors have the ability to change accent/dialect and tone of their voice to be different characters …

      Who would you pick then if most of these are already too famous?


  4. Nice list, we did this on Opinion Battles and i selected Luke Evans (mainly because of his Furious 6 and No One Lives performances) but my second choice would be Dan Stevens from The Guest

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  5. Some great choices, here, but some are just so obviously wrong for the part (Hoult, Hiddleston, Redmayne, Pattinson, whoever that Bower dude is, and all of the 50+ crowd). Of these, the ones I like best are Cavill, McAvoy, Evans, Fassbender, and especially Hardy and Law. The question is would any of them do it. I’d also love to see Idris Elba take on the role (also a Brit, btw).

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  6. Matthew Goode stands out for me on this list. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I feel like he could be a good contender. I would fangirl so much if Henry Cavill ended up getting the role, but as you mentioned, I just think he is just too big of name at the moment. Idris would be a totally awesome choice as many people have pointed out!

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  8. I’m old enough to have seen all the Bond films in the cinema – and many times since. So after a great deal of thought I put forward 1) Aiden Turner 2) Jim Sturgess 3) Michael Fassbinder.

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