Bondathon: Ranking the 24 Films

As I was making my way through the Bond films I was putting them in a ranking list from Best to Worst. I thought that would be the easiest way to do it as would probably forget exactly what happened in each of the films. So basically when ranking them I just decided which film I liked it better than and placed it in the list. Some of them were extremely difficult to pick where to put them so I might not even be able to justify it’s place in the list. But here you have 1-24 in order from Best to Worst MY Bond list!

1. Casino Royale

2. Skyfall

3. From Russia with Love

4. Goldfinger

5. The Spy Who Loved Me

6. Tomorrow Never Dies

7. The Man with the Golden Gun

8. GoldenEye

9. Spectre

10. The Living Daylights

11. Thunderball

12. A View to Kill

13. Live and Let Die

14. Dr No

15. Quantum of Solace

16. Licence to Kill

17. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

18. You Only Live Twice

19. The World is Not Enough

20. Diamonds are Forever

21. Octopussy

22. For Your Eyes Only

23. Moonraker

24. Die Another Day

14 thoughts on “Bondathon: Ranking the 24 Films

  1. Great list! I’m not as fond of the Daniel Craig/Sam Mendes era as you are, but I’m pleased to see the Brosnan era marked higher than usual. I really like Sean Connery best but I always enjoy watching “View to a Kill”, when it comes on TV. Thanks for provoking my thoughts about what my list might look like. I really enjoyed reading your rankings.

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  2. Casino Royale is my favourite bond film also. Even though I really like Skyfall, it wasn’t really a Bond film for me. He gets outwitted throughout the film by Raoul, not once does Bond actually beat him. He also fails his own plan of keeping M safe , which should be high on his list of priorities! It was more of a Bourne action film rather than a Bond film, though it was a gripping throughout. On the whole it is a good list and it will definitely provoke debate among lots of Bond fans! 🙂

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    • Thanks Richard. I am so pleased I decided to keep adding the films to the list after watching them as I think it would have been impossible to do it with all of them all over the place!

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  3. I’ve only seen 9 of them (I think). Pathetic, I know. One I have seen is The World is not Enough. I can absolutely see why it would be sucked to the bottom of your list. It was terrible.

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