Die Another Day (2002) Review

James Bond is sent to investigate in North Korea which does not begin well for him as he is captured and kept as a prisoner . . . After he casually surfed into the country. Yes. Really.

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Cineworld Movie Quiz

As you probably already know I attend the cinema a massive amount in a year and that is all thanks to having an Unlimited Card at Cineworld and being able to see as many films as I want for £16.90 per month. Which as you can see is an absolute steal for how expensive it can be to go to see the latest releases at the cinema, and pretty much how I manage to see and review the latest films each year. If I didn’t have that card ir would be totally impossible to see as many films as I do!

It was brought to my attention that they have a Movie Quiz you can take part in to find out which 2015 Film Character you are. Plenty of choices to see if your Katniss Everdeen, Ted, Scott Lang (Ant-Man) or Minion Kevin? So it certainly covers plenty of different types of films and genres. Who will you end up with? So head over to the site and take part in the quiz  – http://www.cineworld.co.uk/blog/cineworld-movie-quiz

On completing the quiz I got Ant-Man from Ant-Man. Have to say I was very happy with that as he turned out to be such a good character, in a film that I liked a lot more than I expected. The quiz result gives you a few reasons on why you got that character, along with a picture of them as well.

So why not take the quiz yourself and see which 2015 film character you get?

Tell me who in the comments!