Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Review

James Bond must stop a media and self important Elliot Carver’s plan to start a war between the UK and China all so he can film it and have the media rights and global coverage. Obviously missiles are involved as well.

So onto Pierce Brosnan’s second outing as Bond and I must admit that he started to grow on my in this one. I don’t know why but the first film seems to be the toughest getting used to the actor taking on the role. Maybe that’s where they went wrong with Lazenby and should have given him a second chance? Well I’m sticking by that. As Brosnan did feel a lot more like Bond in this film, with one of my favourite actors taking on the bad guy part in Jonathan Pryce so I was pretty excited to watch this one in all honesty.

This might shock people but I throughly enjoyed this film, I enjoyed the storyline a lot. Because we now know exactly how much media has changed and it was on the very verge of that in the late 90s. Transforming to 24 hour news and different media outlets trying to have exclusives and breaking stories. So that is something that I found very gripping, maybe with some of the older films some of the plots have aged, I mean even now I guess with social media it has then aged this film. Still related a little bit though with media being involved, just a new way of breaking news.

The gadgets are really coming think and fast from the fantastic Q and this time we are starting to get there with the mobile phones, who wouldn’t want it also to have extra uses which includes the ability to give someone an electric shock oh and yeah control your BMW like a remote control car. Yes I was sold on that and just knew it was going to then be used in a very cool chase scene, I was not disappointed in that sense at all. Not forgetting the new features on his watch as well, both from the UK and China. Not forgetting that once again 007 was told to grow up, seriously that never gets old I love that it is in nearly every film.

Once again we are given a few Bond girls and I have to admit that Teri Hatcher was better than I was expecting her to be. An old flame of 007 and now married to Elliot, we never get sick of that either how one of the women just goes between the spy and bad guy. It never ever ends well for them either.

I am going to be massively controversial and say I actually enjoyed this film more than GoldenEye. Yes I am sure not many people will be expecting me to say that at all but it is true. This one really hit home with me as a very good action film. Theme song should have been a lot better though, certainly one of the poorest songs I would say. I am ready for plenty of comments from people asking me if I am crazy with saying that, got my tin hat on ready to go! haha.

Brosnan just seemed more comfortable in the role and “back seat driver” was a highlight in the one liner side of things!

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Review

  1. Better than GoldenEye?!?! While that’s wrong haha, I do still quite like this one. I LOVE the BMW chase as well as the bike chase with Michelle Yeoh. Even though the bad guy and his plan was a bit silly, I loved that aspect as well. I do think the film gets a bit boring towards the end though. I do kinda check out about 15-20 minutes before it finishes unfortunately :/

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