Carol (2015) Review


A tale of forbidden love between two women from very different backgrounds. It also touches on a love at first sight vibe as well, I thought that was all pretty intense especially with the reactions the women have when hands brush or touching of a shoulder. That may sound like a very strange thing to say but if you see the film and the performances then I am sure it will make a lot more sense. The whole sparks thing, isn’t that what everyone wants to really feel with someone? A spark or electricity between you both which is going to change your life forever.

It really is yet another unreal performance from Cate Blanchett and I can truly understand the Oscar buzz (already) surrounding her performance. She is so elegant and strong from start to finish, even when pushed to the edge she manages to stay confident. The jury is still out for me with Rooney Mara, I was expecting this to be the performance that would change my mind on her, but I feel her acting is very wooden and one-dimensional.

Carol is a strong individual who we quickly find out is not faithful to her husband, who she wants to divorce. He is not seen to be wanting the same thing, he claims to still love her and wants to be with her. I guess that is refreshing in itself as we are so used to seeing that type of story the other way round. They both do care a lot about their daughter Rindy but begin to use that against each other as they battle to keep her. Parts of the film I really was not expecting as it is more complex than I expected after seeing the trailer (many many times I must add). Not in a bad way at all just a slightly different way.

I won’t mention too many things about the plot but a quote about going full circle works out very well with the way we see the film as one of the scenes eventually comes full circle giving us some answers along the way. I do like it when films work out nicely in that sense of the words spoken become true in the actions.

While watching the film I could not help but think that it was beautifully shot and put together so well with the haunting music. It all really does make for a pleasant viewing and just being able to find yourself lost in it from the very first moment.

Therese is an interesting character in a very different way to Carol as we don’t really get to know a massive amount about her. She is pretty quiet and brushes a couple of men away from her as she openly admits she has no idea what she wants. I think at some point everyone can relate to that, she does have a passion though for photography. Abby is another character who I wasn’t expecting at all and plays part in some very key moments in the story (Can’t really say a massive amount about her without spoilers).

Another thing that really sets this film apart and makes you think that is a brilliant piece of cinema has to be some of the heartbreaking moments and the letter. That is no secret as we hear parts of it in the trailer, what a way to speak to someone over a letter. We have totally lost that now, I don’t imagine it would have felt as powerful if it had been a text message or voicemail there’s still something very special about a letter.

A beautifully shot and acted film from Blanchett has to see many Oscar nominations come January, it’s certainly one of those films.

13 thoughts on “Carol (2015) Review

  1. I liked the film, but didn’t love it! I think the subject didn’t interest me a great deal. I think Rooney was better than Cate, so I find it difficult that Cate is getting so much attention. Her character is far less interesting and not particularly likeable. There didn’t seem to be a great battle with her sexuality or society’s opinion.

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    • That’s interesting that you liked Rooney better than Cate as I thought she was very bland and didn’t have to do as much. I think it’s one of those films that just takes your breath away, I don’t know if I’d feel the same way seeing it for the second time or not though.

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