Licence To Kill (1989) Review

James Bond goes rogue (maybe the world wasn’t ready for that?) as it was very personal as his best friend and his bride were brutally killed on their wedding day.

The second and final outing as Bond for Dalton and the only Bond film to have a high rating of 15. For some of the deaths I can certainly understand why it was given that rating, although I feel that should be rephrased due to Bond films always having death but this time you see more of it and blood. I mean someone exploding? Someone getting whipped? Don’t think I really need to mention anymore moments in all honesty.

I will admit that in the opening scene I thought Bond was going to get married (again) which I am guessing was the idea to really draw the audience in to begin with. That wasn’t the case however, but it was interesting to hear it mentioned that he had been married before a long time ago. Not many of these older films really seem to link together or mention other events so i thought that was a good thing in all honesty. Giving his character that little bit more depth.

A very young Benicio del Toro did make me smile and he does take a very good part, ok he is always very good. But to see him in his very early 20’s in a Bond film was fantastic! In Franz Sanchez we really do get a great bad guy and someone who Bond ends up a lot closer with, he even trusted Bond for quite a long time. I thought that was a good twist in terms of usually they know exactly who Bond is and what he is up to (not ideal for a spy). This time it was different, the saying of keep your friends close and your enemies closer certainly comes to mind.

It seem to have quite a lot of shootouts and blowing up, maybe that’s just me? I don’t know I think watching the films back to back causes some confusion in all honesty. I did enjoy the underwater moments especially when hanging onto a boat and killing someone to be able to use his oxygen – very 007.

I like that Q has a slightly bigger than usual role in this one as well, seriously how good is Desmond Llewelyn! Very good I will answer that for you all, but I am sure you agree. The way he doesn’t mind telling 007 what he really thinks and asking him to behave really is quite special. I do think it’s a shame that Dalton didn’t get at least one more outing as Bond as would have been interesting to see where he would have taken the role next. I think if his films had been in the late 90s it would have been a very different story.

However saying that I enjoyed this film as well, thought it had enough moments to keep you engaged and guessing? Possibly a film in the series that is appreciated more now than at the time?

11 thoughts on “Licence To Kill (1989) Review

  1. Word! Thank you very much for our review, all of them so far were very nice and to the point. In this very case I totally agree, I also believe that the Timothy Dalton Bond Movies would’ve been more appreciated in later times.
    I am very curious about what you will say about the ones with Pierce Brosnan.


  2. This one is one of my top 10 Bond movies. I know it’s more of a guilty pleasure because it’s not a great movie but it has some great moments. I think it was trying to fit in with the action genre at the time with Die Hard and Lethal Weapon and similar movies having just come out. That might be the reason I enjoy it so much. Very entertaining. Solid review on it!

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