Octopussy (1983) Review

A fake Fabergé egg and a fellow agents death makes 007 very suspicious as he uncovers an international jewel smuggling operation headed up by Octopussy. But everything takes a very serious turn when a bomb is involved.

Coming off the back of For Your Eyes Only straight into Octopussy was quite a difficult task and the main problem is that they are both very similar in terms of engagement. They don’t have a massive amount going on in all honesty. But I think I actually liked Octopussy just a little bit more.

As Bond is trying to find out who is the key driving force in the smuggling operation this leads to the circus which is on an US military base. I had been pre-warned about seeing Bond dressed up as a clown and is wrong that I actually thought that part was brilliant. Hilarious and crazy but great at the same time. Something you would never expect to see James Bond as a circus clown. A little bit of slapstick comedy in those moments to really try to shake things up? Oh not forgetting a few minutes in a gorilla costume.

We have a new M in Robert Brown which does feel a little strange after being so used to Bernard Lee in the role. I mean he isn’t massively different with the character but have a few more films to really decide on that I guess.

Another good train scene, seriously why didn’t I know how many of these are in the Bond series before doing this Bondathon? I am sure it would have helped me push myself again to do it sooner after 2012’s failed attempt. I am enjoying the ride even if some of the films aren’t fantastic they do still have a little bit of charm. It seemed that in this one Moore is lacking any good one liners, I am hoping his final outing will have a few?

Almost forgot my favourite moment, yes better than the clown disguise. Had to be Q and the hot air balloon that was quite a good moment! Full of hot air? Maybe would have been a little bit better to hide in it if it wasn’t the Union Jack? But that is something that they have always wanted to remind us about Bond he is a British secret agent. Takes me to this post I wrote after Skyfall and it seems it has always been the case about him being British just maybe not using the word Bloody. Check it out – Bond is Bloody British.

Not quite the worst or my least favourite but it is near the bottom of the pile in my opinion.

10 thoughts on “Octopussy (1983) Review

  1. Oh just realised reading this that I was completely wrong about Robert Brown being M. It was Bernard Lee who was M and died before For Your Eyes Only! God, I feel like an idiot haha! That hot air balloon bit is great though! “I trust you can fly this contraption?” “It runs on hot air.” “Oh then you can.” Q was always the best!

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