For Your Eyes Only (1981) Review

007 is sent on a mission to hunt for a lost British encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands, with some women involved as well? Rhetorical question!

Is it ok to judge a Bond film by its Theme Song? As it does seem to link together that a good song usually means a good film. So I am going to state this early on the song “For Your Eyes Only” I think is very weak and no where any of the best songs. I obviously tried my best with the film as part of my Bondathon but it turned out that my thoughts on the theme song then echoed with the film. It was a pretty weak instalment, not the worst but really not very good in my eyes.

I always knew the Moore films were going to be the most difficult section to get through with him having the most films as Bond. So it has been hard watching them one after the other in quick succession as they do kinda blend into one. Which is why I quickly put the review together before then watching or at least starting the next one.

We do get another good shootout scene, they do all seem to channel one another though. Also some underwater moments as well, again nothing really new with that either. I think that seems to be the problem by this point we haven’t really been given anything new to blow us away and think wow that is pretty amazing. I was however impressed with Q pretending to be a priest in confession with Bond, see sometimes the small moments like that can really make such a big difference in the long run. Why no M in this one?

I really really enjoyed the rock climbing scene as thought it had a very good level of suspense and wondering of how 007 was going to escape from that situation. It build up the tension very well, but surely Bond should know better than to climb up somewhere when he is being hunted down? Well good job he doesn’t as nothing exciting would happen in the films.

Even Maggie Thatcher got a little part at the end, ok not the real Thatcher but someone acting as her. I thought that was quite a good touch, especially with the fact that she wasn’t really talking to Bond but a parrot instead. Maybe that says quite a lot for what my humour levels are, but it really did amuse me. Probably because I wasn’t expecting it at all.

7 thoughts on “For Your Eyes Only (1981) Review

  1. Yeah, this one kind of blends with some of Octopussy for me although I still enjoy this one. No M was simply due to Richard Brown’s unfortunate passing and they hadn’t found a replacement in time for this film. I still enjoy this film as I enjoy all of Moore’s (for good or bad reasons) but I do find it the most forgettable as it really is the most vanilla Roger Moore film in my opinion.

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