UK Blog Awards 2016

I've just entered the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

Nominations have just opened today over at the UK Blog Awards for 2016. You can visit the website here – UK BLOG AWARDS

If you are a fan of Let’s Go To The Movies please feel free to also nominate me, that would be lovely 😉 Category is Arts and Culture!

7 Incredible Films in Paris

With the absolutely horrendous and tragic events that happened in Paris over the weekend I thought I would put some focus on 7 incredible films (some of them all time favourites of mine) which are set or have a very big link to Paris in the film. It is an incredible city which I was lucky to visit on a school trip but did not fully appreciate all of the culture and buildings at 15 years old, I am sure I would appreciate it all a lot more now. The key thing about Paris by the films I have picked seems to be romance.

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