Ex Machina (2015) Review

Caleb is a young programmer who is selected by Nathan to become part of his new research on artificial intelligence. He must examine and test the qualities of the female A.I that has been created.

Everything about the situation feels strange and very creepy from the start, as soon as Caleb arrives Nathan does not seem like a normal person at all. But let’s face it he has been looked away in his “research” facility for a long time and alone. Well maybe not totally alone, he does have the A.I he has created named Ava. Caleb must have a number of sessions with her and ask questions and really test out her answers. Has a groundbreaking discovery been made in how you can create life?

Maybe just maybe, you can feel the tension building as Caleb really does not trust Nathan who seems to enjoy getting drunk each night and has a very loose approach to the life he has been living. Quite a few interesting points are raised about how much a computer can really understand and is it possible for them to feel emotions? This isn’t something new of course we have seen this many times over the years in film wondering if a robot/computer can have the capacity to become human. One thing will always be missing with that though.

Considering I missed seeing this film on it’s release at the cinema (January was a very busy month) I caught up as it is premiering on Sky Movies this week. So if you also want to catch and and your in the UK it will be on every night and probably On Demand as well.

Something that did encourage me to watch this film was Domhnall Gleeson being in it, yes I have been big fan of his since totally falling in love with About Time. Unfortunately he is not as engaging in this film and I am not massively convinced with his American accent it’s not really the best. Maybe he should still to more British based films or characters? Oscar Isaac is good in a creepy role, although he doesn’t really seem to like playing a more normal character given his body of work so far. He wasn’t great either in all honesty. Alicia Vikander has to take the most credit for her performance in this film considering she is part robot for nearly all of it.

I do have another observation about Sci-Fi films though why do they always seem to end up with fully nude women in them? Like seriously it seems to be a pattern in them now or is that just me? Not something that I enjoy watching in all honesty. Especially when it wasn’t really expected at all, didn’t really add anything to the film for me. Didn’t have to show them fully naked, we could see she was a woman. Something added especially for men?

On the whole I felt quite cheated after watching this has had only heard and seen positive reviews on the film, that it’s people’s favourite of the year. Well I must be missing something as had the is that it feeling as it finished. Thought it was going to be so much more than it actually is. If you are a big fan of this one, please let me know what you saw in it that I must have missed?

12 thoughts on “Ex Machina (2015) Review

  1. I loved it, Caz. Not only for the menace I felt throughout, but also for the deeply ingrained texts about humanity striving to achieve God-like power, but inherent to that, a desire to replace ourselves. On a surface level, I thought it looked and sounded gorgeous.

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      • Of course, each film hits each person in a different way. Sometimes, what you’r looking for and what you expect can damage an experience. We see this a lot with big-budget blockbuster films; they’re all advertised in a way that states loudly “THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST THINGS YOU’VE EVER SEEN!”. We often find the opposite is true.

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  2. I always thought I was the only one who didn’t see what the big freaking deal was over this movie.. It started off okay for about 30 min/,… then I was completely bored by the predictability of it all…so dull..but I will say, I did like the ending as it was the only thing that wasn’t predictable.. And why do only men think Vikander’s performance was amazing???!! hahahaha ZZZZzzzzzz agree with everything you said on that. I liked her so much better in other films where she actually..ya know..acted. 😀 thanks for being my ray of light and finally being the other person besides myself who was just meh on this movie. I too..wondered if I had ‘missed’ something.. I don’t think either of us did! 😀


    • Glad you feel the same way about this one! Think it’s always even harder to watch a film everyone raved about months and months later as expectations are so much higher.

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  3. Great review! I personally really liked the movie, but it’s also nice to see the other point of view. The reason I enjoyed it was because in an era where all sci-fi movies tend to be bombastic and overblown with CGI set pieces (good or bad), it was a nice change to just concentrate on the interactions of 3 characters in a closed setting. The manipulation among the characters kept a sense of unpredictability for me in an otherwise simple story.

    I luckily saw it quite early on, but I can understand how you may have been let down after all the hype.

    If you like to know more of my thoughts on the movie, check out my review: http://wp.me/p4q7it-eO


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