7 Worst Films I’ve Sat Through at the Cinema – Part 1

When you go to the cinema a lot and have a card that allows you to see as many films as you want in a month, that does not always work out in your favour. That also means while you will see some brilliant films, some entertaining films etc you will also see some awful films. You may see that this has part 1 next to it, well when I was making the list I had a lot more than 7 films to choose from, plus if I keep going to the cinema I am sure that more will fall under this title!

Unfortunately most of these films were from before I started my blog, it would have been quite interesting reading my initial thoughts on those film as well which is a shame.

Right At Your Door 

A film which now actually has a legendary status with some of my friends, due to the fact it took us years to figure out its name. Even though I kept cinema tickets only have Rig made it difficult to decipher what it was called. But a film that ended and makes you think well what on earth was the point of that?!?!

The Wickerman (2006) 

This film had to be the start of Nicolas Cage’s downfall, if you thought he was any good to start off with. But let’s give him a little credit for making quite a few good films in the 90s. This one was truly awful from start to finish.

Employee of the Month

As you know I am not a big “comedy” fan to begin with so this one turned out to be a big nightmare in all honesty. I mean Jessica Simpson was in it, doesn’t that say it all really?

Oldboy (2013) (Review)

I still haven’t quite forgiven Brolin for this one. Everything about it was just tragic.

Lake View Terrace 

Really something with Samuel L Jackson has made it onto the list? Well deserved for this one! Although anything with Patrick Wilson in has been downright awful in all honesty.

After Earth

This was so bad I didn’t even manage to put some words together to make a review for it after the cinema screening!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Review)

This had a name change when hitting the UK. Was originally called “Get the Gringo” – both titles are awful. Almost as bad as the film, as Gibson (also on a fall from grace) was locked up in a Mexican prison!

20 thoughts on “7 Worst Films I’ve Sat Through at the Cinema – Part 1

  1. Lakeview Terrace was such a let down, I was actually looking forward to seeing that movie based on trailers leading up to it’s release. As for After Earth, Jaden Smith shouldn’t be allowed to make any more movies – just because his Daddy is a big star doesn’t make him talented. Oh, and Get the Gringo (not sure on that alternative name)…I couldn’t believe I actually watched that crap. Luckily i only rented it and wasn’t out any money LOL

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  2. I do have a soft spot for Employee of the Month as i work in similar setting so i enjoy the laughs. i have to ask did you see original Old boy and do you think it was bad because you knew where it was going and didn’t really do anything different.


  3. I love reading posts like this! I actually liked Employee of the Month even though I can’t stand Dax Shepherd and Dane Cook. The setting reminded me of Sam’s Club and I thought the little hideaway the employees created on one of the top shelves was all sorts of awesome.

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  4. Ah, the Oldboy remake. I remember wanting to see that, but ultimately passed. Glad I did!!! I don’t really have a lot of time to see movies in the theater, but I’m extremely selective these days about what I do see.

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  5. Ya know what’s sad.. I remember sitting at work reading the script of “Employee of the Month” and I couldn’t stop laughing.. even to the point of my co-manager saying..is it that good? And I said yes..yes it is.. it’s that funny and I thought I had the perfect client for it.. let’s just say I’m so glad my client didn’t get it because you are right..it was one of the worst movies ever.. so sad too because the script truly was wonderfully funny.. what a waste.. ps.. DO NOT go see By the Sea.. it will top your list.. ha!

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    • I’ve never walked out either. I tried to watch Birth once and turned it off. Never seen The Falling, quite like History of Violence as a fan of Viggo Mortensen.


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