The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Review

When British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads are hijacked it is up to 007 to investigate who is behind it all.

Nobody does it better . . . I have to start with that as I think it is my all time favourite Bond song. There you go I said it and went with it but it really is something else. The best thing about it though is that it totally fits the film from start to finish.

Another thing I did not realise until I started watching the film was that this was the one with Jaws in it! I am finding that quite a funny thing about working my way through the Bond films that I had previously seen so little off in the sense that you always know something about each film. Like everyone knows who Jaws is but I had no idea how fantastic that role actually is. I mean come one a man who can kill you with a bit with those metal well Jaws. A tough battle for Bond who does not seem to have the strength to match him.

Agent XXX who is Russian and obviously a love interest for Bond maybe not constantly but you know whats going to happen with that. I think she is one of my favourite Bond girls so far as she certainly puts up quite a resistance and fight to him. Well to begin with anyway. I think it is promising that she was also an agent though puts them more on a level playing field. Not forgetting that we get another fantastic train scene in this film. Yes I am quite a fan of a good train scene in films!

It also has a fantastic shoot out scene as well, one of the best I think I have seen in the older films. I think it is safe to say that this is my favourite (so far) from Roger Moore. As a whole film, it flows nicely and I think it just works out very well with the different cast members. The story is well paced throughout.

I have to admit the ending was pretty hilarious when the pair were spotted by both bosses and when M asks what Bond is doing his response is pretty brilliant “Keeping the British end up” best last line to a Bond film? It could well be, it actually made me properly laugh out loud. I just love that was in a PG film back in 1977 fantastic. Just showing that this brilliant one liners have kept going!

7 thoughts on “The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Review

  1. One of the better Moore films but I always think they could have developed the tension between XXX and Bond a little more. She just seems to forgive him for killing her lover.

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