Intersection (1994) Review

Vincent Eastman is a man torn between his wife and the woman he had been having an affair with. We are shown flashbacks of his different lives with these women and left wondering if he will make a choice between them.

The flashbacks show us that his marriage had never been perfect and beginning to crumble even more over time. These weren’t in any exact order so it was difficult to figure out when certain events happened, some were clearer than others. Let’s face it though Richard Gere is the one and only reason that I decided to give this film a try on Netflix. Not his worst performance ever, but not his best either. But I did have a big obsession with him many years ago and had never come across this film before.

He just has that look when he’s with a woman who is the way you want a man to look at you, seriously he is so intense at times its crazy. That was the case in this film as well, as Vincent was trying to decide which woman was best for him. Although the film does take a few twists and turns I still cannot decide if I liked the ending or not. It was left open but both women happy and we never actually knew the truth. I know that is probably a spoiler but I really don’t imagine many of you are going to ever watch this film.

Sharon Stone wasn’t bad as the estranged wife and the character even had quite a nice moment towards the end of the film as well. She seemed to have admitted that she was not getting along very well with Vincent at all. We did see a couple of awkward moments between Sally and Olivia but they also seemed to get on well given the circumstances. The only problem with the way the film ended and having the flashbacks we don’t even know which ones are actually real and which are Vincent’s thoughts.

Even Richard Gere was not enough to really save this one for me, obviously I always enjoy watching him but I find him hot. Yes that is very shallow but he is certainly one of my favourite actors. I think watching this film to the very end also confirms that I will watch him in anything. The film could have been a lot better if it was clearer what had happened in a more logical order, as it really was difficult to piece everything together given the circumstances of how the story was told.

I thought Lolita Davidovich was very good as Olivia and had a lot of energy in her scenes. You could not help but feel sorry for Olivia as she really thought that she was going to have it all with Vincent. He did promise her everything, but was she is choice in the end?

An example of a film on Netflix that isn’t a hidden gem. If you like Richard Gere then why not? The role is the opposite of what we are used to from Sharon Stone so I guess if you are up for seeing her as a different type of character you might enjoy it as well.

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