Fathers and Daughters (2015) Review

Jake Davis is a Pulitzer winning writer who after the tragic death of his wife in a car accident, must look after his only daughter while trying to look after himself. He checks himself into a mental hospital to help cope with a breakdown and the seizures he is suffering from.

Now this film isn’t exactly what I thought it was after watching the trailer. I was expecting something a little different, but it flashes backwards and forwards mixing together young Katie with her father and 25 years later Katie who is struggling to connect with anyone in a truly meaningful way. That doesn’t stop her randomly having sex with any man who shows an interest no matter the location, so that gives the film a rather strange and unexpected edge. Trying to claim that because of her past she will just go with random men doesn’t massively make much sense to me in all honesty.

Anyway, we get to see a lovely relationship between Katie and her father and how he is really battling to keep them together as her Aunt and Uncle are fighting to gain custody of the young girl. So after a failed novel he really needs a new one to work and writes about them. While we never actually find out in what way that book is a big key in her later life. When she meets Cameron who is a massive fan of her fathers work, yes I know it really did all seem too good to be true.

Working as a social worker helping out children that is another key to trying to understand how you can feel for different people and how this can impact on your life. That also created a couple of nice scenes as well.

Her choices still continued to be bad just as we thought he had really turned the corner and managed to accept that people can love and care about you more than anything. Something that was taken away from her when losing her father. That is not a spoiler because it is obvious throughout just to when or how it actually happened. Not that I am expecting many of you to rush out and watch this film in all honesty. As it probably isn’t worth the cinema trip in my opinion.

Thinking about the performances I was massively impressed with Kylie Rogers, a very impressive emotional performance from a young girl. Surely she is a one to watch to see how her career develops and if she will make that step from child actor, I certainly hope so as she showed so much potential in this film probably the best thing about it. Russell Crowe in a slightly different role as the doting father and that also meant some quite silly moments with singing involved (don’t worry if you hated his Les Mis performance it was only for a few minutes). I have to give some praise to Amanda Seyfried because she usually annoys me and I haven’t been the biggest fan of her previous films.

I think the main problem with this film is that it is trying to make you cry from the moment it starts. It hits hard but not really in the right place, it’s a little bit too messy with the constant jumping from one time period to another as not all of these moments actually link together. The best one for me had to be in a bar about to make a bad choice again Katie hears a song that makes her think of her father. If the rest of the moments had been more like that I think this review would have been totally different.

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