Intersection (1994) Review

Vincent Eastman is a man torn between his wife and the woman he had been having an affair with. We are shown flashbacks of his different lives with these women and left wondering if he will make a choice between them.

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Fathers and Daughters (2015) Review

Jake Davis is a Pulitzer winning writer who after the tragic death of his wife in a car accident, must look after his only daughter while trying to look after himself. He checks himself into a mental hospital to help cope with a breakdown and the seizures he is suffering from.

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Bondathon – Fights Analysed

I was sent this about a month ago now before the release of Spectre but never really thought about posting it on here until getting right into my Bondathon! I think it’s quite interesting to think about the different Bond’s and how they are thought of in terms of fighting. I am sure some it if will come as a complete surprise. It was put together by people over at Lottoland.

I guess while it goes for each James Bond rather than per film some of the stats for that actor might seem a little bit strange. Lazenby must have just been too violent in his one and only appearance as 007!