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I very luckily came across this Blogathon as it started this weekend and just really felt the need to write a post about one of my all time favourite cartoons. The first one that came into my head (I have probably mentioned it a lot of the blog) was Aladdin. It was the first film I went to see at the cinema as a small child and I still enjoy it to this day. I think it has a little bit of everything and is a lot better than some of the more recently released animated films.

The Story

A street rat who is struggling to survive and must steal food to eat really wants his life to change. By chance one day he meets the Princess who was trying to escape her life. Similarities between the pair right away but they just so happen to be from totally different worlds. That is until Aladdin is sent on a mission that is bound to take his life, but that is not the case and he actually ends up with a lamp, a magic lamp with that and a Genie inside. With only three wishes he sees an opportunity to change his life around after all.

The Genie teaches not only Aladdin but the viewers what life is all about, with an incredible friendship that forms and how you cannot let life get you down in the long run. You have to make the best of everything you have. That three wishes will never actually be enough as soon as you get something you then want something else. Yes I am really going that deep about this film, I really do think it has a lot more than meets that eye. Something more recent films lack in my opinion.

The Characters


Possibly a big step for Disney with the first film to be lead by a male character? I think so as he has a lot of depth compared to any other “Prince” let’s face it they are secondary characters in most of the films. But this one was different (and it has changed a lot now). He has dreams and wants a better life for himself, everyone can relate to that as we always want that little bit more in our lives to really make it a lot better than we currently have it. We have to feel inspired by Aladdin as he works hard for it, ok yes he gets a little bit of luck but sometimes you need just that as well for everything to fall into place. He is likeable and you do end up rooting for him throughout.

The Genie

Possibly one of the greatest all time animated characters? Of course that must have something to do with the fact that Robin Williams is incredible doing the voice. But also he is blue and changes into all different people and things which is great to watch as a child or an adult. He is just hilarious, but as you watch this when you are older you realise that a lot of the jokes are actually more towards adults than the children. Which is why I think this film just works for people of all ages. Thanks Genie.

Princess Jasmine

Now she is a lot different to the main Disney Princesses who came before her, she did not want to just sit and wait for a Prince to come. No she was not happy about it all and wanted to find real love rather than her father pick her future husband. This must show girls that you can do whatever you want to do, she was starting to change things and I don’t think that is something that is mentioned enough when people are talking about the Disney Princesses. She wanted her own life as well and struggled to be stuck in the palace, so pretty good depth for this character in my opinion.


He’s creepy, crazy and down right evil. A perfect bad guy and even pushes the limits when he tries to “get rid” of Aladdin on more than one occasion. He wants the Genie to be at his command so he can become the most powerful man. Even if it does push the limits on the rules that the Genie has! It does create some interesting moments as well though, but very very creepy is the perfect way to describe him.

The Music

It has a good mix with songs and some big moments in the film are linked to this. I am sure you can easily work out which I am going to use . . .

A magic carpet ride and a whole new world, go on listen closely to the words they really are nice!

The Quotes

I really do believe that Aladdin is filled with so many inspirational quotes for quite a lot of different reasons. Really helping to nail on what life is all about as well as love and friendship. What more do you want from a film that is aimed at children? It teaches you so many things.

“I don’t know where she gets it from. Her mother wasn’t nearly so picky.” – With these two Jasmine showing that she wanted things to be different and did not want to be sold off as such. A big break through I think for marriages being arranged!

[holds the lamp up to Genie] “Genie, you’re free!” – this helped to show that you should always keep to your word and if you say you will do something for someone then you should follow through and do it!

I could be here all day talking about the hilarious lines that we hear from Robin Williams voicing the Genie which is a reason to watch this film in itself. He really did set the bar high for big named actors getting involved in animation. Let’s face it Williams pretty much owned the 90s film world.

The Toy

So that is not the exact toy that I had but it’s the closest I could find to a picture of it online. It did have a hard face and soft body but was older rather than looking more like a child, if that makes any sense at all? Well I loved my Aladdin “doll” and used to take it everywhere. It was pretty cool in the sense that you could dress him up as the Prince and change him back. I am almost certain that it is still somewhere in the garage with so many other of my childhood toys. One day I may even try to find it as did have quite a lot of film related things now that I think about it!

Why I Still Love it . . . 

I just think it really has so many fantastic thinking points about life and how you should make sure you treat people right while also trying to follow your dreams. Yes we aren’t always going to get exactly what we want but this film helps to show that if you work hard enough and put in a lot of effort you might just get close to what you want. You will have to understand that you will have to take the good things with the bad things and it’s not always going to be perfect. As long as you can find happiness in your life then that is certainly something that matters.

This is very true and I personally think this is one of the very best and I certainly see it as one of my favourites as well. So if you haven’t ever seen Aladdin I really do urge you to make sure you watch it as it’s not just for children. You can enjoy it just as much if not more as an adult in my opinion!


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