Cineworld Secret Screening 4 – Possible Films

Today Cineworld announced that is to host its fourth Secret Screening for Unlimited card holders. It is going to be a 3D film and as you will see the date for the film is bound to cause absolute uproar in people thinking it may just be the new Star Wars film!

This is what Cineworld have had to say so far . . . “What we can tell you is this: the movie is showing on Tuesday 15th December 2015 at 7.30pm at all Cineworld sites apart from Chelsea, Glasgow Science Centre and Cheltenham Screening Rooms.”

I have decided to have a rather early look into what films it could be . . . The fact that we know it is going to be a 3D film certainly does help to narrow it down and for the last couple of weeks in December not many films at all to choose from!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (release date – Thursday 17th December)

Snoopy And Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie (release date – Monday 21st December)

In the Heart of the Sea (release date – Saturday 26th Dec)

I have also looked into January and not a lot of choices there either.

The Finest Hours (release date 29th Jan 2016)

Goosebumps (release date Feb 2016)

Ok so that release date is well into 2016 BUT the film has already been released in other countries and was show at the London Film Festival recently.

Point Break (release date Feb 2016)

So those are the films I have come up with, basically due to a series of elimination with 3D only films that are due to be released in the next couple of months. I guess it just depends on how far in advance the film is going to be! I am sure Cineworld will give us clues over the next few weeks! What film do you think it will be?

30 thoughts on “Cineworld Secret Screening 4 – Possible Films

  1. All clues point to In The Heart Of The Sea.
    – Not in a galaxy far, far away,
    – in 3D and
    – official release date on 26th Dec
    – it’s 122 minutes

    Ms Tree will be nice 🙂

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  2. I remember there was a Cineworld guy talking about the secret screenings when I watched The Martian I think and when he mentioned Star Wars everyone lost their minds. It would hurt me so much to miss The Force Awakens thanks to these secret screenings, however, I have IMAX tickets to see it on the 17th with my best mate and I wouldn’t want to ruin it, but at the same time seeing Star Wars early would blow my mind.

    With all that being said I would hope to see In The Heart of the Sea early above all else because that’s one of my most anticipated films that haven’t yet come out that isn’t The Peanuts Movie or The Force Awakens.

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    • Yeah I can really understand why they have picked that date, think it will get more people in hope it is Star Wars – no chance whatsoever of it being that though. Everything points towards Heart of the Sea in my opinion.

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  3. Definitely looks like In the Heart of the Sea. Of the films listed here, only that and Point Break have a 12A cert (according to the BBFC site), which is what Cineworld has indicated it is, and of those two, In the Heart of the Sea has a 122-minute run-time (again, according to the BBFC), which is also what they’ve listed. Point Break is only 114.


    • Oh I don’t it had the running time down when I first put together this post. Everything is pointing towards In The Heart of the Sea . . . Not a lot of films to really choose from when it is narrowed down.


  4. There are some additional clues in the listing which might help:

    Take a giant leap into the unknown
    make sure your side-kick is an Unlimited member too
    Fly in and join us for a wild ride, your fellow Unlimited members are depending on you

    To me this points strongly towards “Point Break” since it’s a film with a “buddy” element to it, and lots of jumping out of planes, buildings and off cliffs etc…

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      • As the world premier has now happened last night in Los Angeles. I think it’s going to be Star Wars. Also cineworld had been sending emails to cineworld customer saying if you are not going to attend your cineworld unlimited screening on its usual day then please consider calling us and cancelling (they would rather sell the empty seats) I am going to Greenwich 02 today Tues 15th @ 7.30pm as I got my tickets for secret cinema. My showing is the third full screening that was announced. You have to ask yourself why would you have 3 full screenings of an unknown film all at 7.30 ( does help to get unlimited customers out of way and sell normal seats at £12 plus at 02)

        Stormtroopers, droids on the red carpet of ‘The Force Awakens’ world premiere in Hollywood


        • I can see where your coming from, but with the UK Premiere tomorrow night I really still can’t see that happening. Especially as they keep saying it isn’t from a Galaxy far far away etc.

          I know my Cineworld has two screenings on! But they would have to be the same time starts as if it starts later you would already know what it is haha.


          • No they are saying:
            Lastly, a couple of hints – the film will NOT be screening ‘In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…’ and it will not be cert 15, 15A, 16 or 18.

            In the Star Wars Extended Universe aka Star Wars EU. Our earth Milky way galaxy and the Star Wars Galaxy are two separate places and billion miles away from each other. If it’s NOT screening in a galaxy far, far away…then in theory it can be shown in our Earth galaxy the Milky Way, as the Galaxy far, far away is the Star wars galaxy and it will NOT be showing there.

            As a star wars fan that’s what I read and whoever at cineworld wrote that blurb will be challenged to a LightSaber Duel as they probably tried to be clever and got it wrong..however let’s hope they are not.
            All 3 showings at 02 Greenwich start at 7.30. Let’s use the Force for a good outcome.


          • I think your going to find yourself very disappointed tonight then! I imagine a lot of people will be walking out of this one.


  5. Cineworld stated on Twitter a eew days ago that it was definitely NOT The Force Awakens. The running time, certificate and release date all point to In The Heart Of The Sea, which looks like a great movie. I just hope all the disappointed people leave and don’t sit there complaining through the whole screening!

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  6. it was “heart of the sea” what a flop of a film have you seen the cgi of the whale even variety magazine calls it a flop for ron howard…. I was hoping for point break. Yes I did get up and leave. as did about a quarter of the people.


  7. Where were you caz? There was definitely misalignment at the beginning in my showing too. However, don’t know what Ed means about bad CGI though. Definitely looked realistic to me.

    As for variety, they use the term flop as it hasn’t taken the numbers over the weekend, not as in it’s a bad movie (just because few people go to see it at the beginning doesn’t make it bad – how would anyone know, they haven’t seen it) in fact, critics generally praised it and there’s some confusion about why it didn’t draw as expected.


    • I was in Boldon, maybe it was across the board like that as saw a few tweets about it.

      I didn’t massively enjoy it in all honesty, was a strange way to tell the story. But I can understand why it’s got people on the fence and being unsure what to make of it. My review will be up tomorrow at some point 🙂


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